Mother sues Texas Roadhouse after a manager 'put a napkin on her baby's face and told her to cover up' while breastfeeding her seven-week-old daughter because woman complained

A mother is suing a Texas Roadhouse in Louisville, Kentucky after a restaurant manager told her to cover up while breastfeeding her infant at the table following a customer complaint.
David Mitchell, who has worked 20 years at the Shelbyville Road branch, was put on paid leave after the November incident where plaintiff Sadie Durbin says he tried laying a napkin over her seven-week-old daughter's face, prohibiting her lawful right by the state to breastfeed her baby without interference.
She said in a Facebook post that after politely explaining it was against the law for him to to approach her about the matter, 'he didn't apologize'.
'He didn't acknowledge he was wrong. He said 'well as a manager I am obligated to tell you we are getting complaints and ask you to cover up', threw the napkin down in front of me, and angrily walked away with a huff,' she said in the viral post that has had approximately 33,000 shares.
Durbin noted that the woman who complained appeared to be treated 'sweetly' by Mitchell in comparison to her but she was grateful for the three different servers who approached afterward and 'apologized while shaking their heads in disbelief of his actions'.
She declared that when she asked her server what other complaining patrons there were he returned to table, 'threw his hands up and said angrily "I'm not at liberty to tell you that. Listen lady, I've done nothing wrong".'
Despite regarding herself as a 'strong woman and even a stronger mother' she admitted in the social media post that she couldn't help but cry about how she was humiliated in the chain restaurant.
However she told followers she was glad it happened to her rather than a new parent who may have been shamed off the idea of feeding her daughter Isla in public.
'I try to find the good in every situation- I am so glad this happened to ME and not a new mother perhaps testing the waters breastfeeding in public for her first time, hoping to find the busy restaurant's atmosphere would bring less attention to her nursing baby,' Durbin continued. 
'My heart aches for that sweet mama. I will continue to nurse my baby anywhere and everywhere she needs, that poor mama would not have come out of this experience with the same attitude.'
Durbin added a special message to those who have a problem with public breastfeeding.
Adding that breastmilk is the 'biologically normal food for infants' and that it has to come from breasts, she recalled the horrifying moment she once saw a parent feeding her infant in public bathroom.
'I breastfeed in public for the sweet new mama I once met at Mark's Feedstore trying to breastfeed her baby while sitting on a disgusting toilet while she explained to me she feared she'd be judged for feeding her baby in public,' she explained. 
'I breastfeed in public because my baby is not on a timed eating schedule. I respond to her need to nurse wherever and whenever she needs. That's called mothering through breastfeeding and it is BEAUTIFUL.'
Pointing out how feeding is not sexual conduct or obscene, she hinted that those who have an adverse reaction might want to look within to find out why.
'I DO NOT breastfeed in public to try and seduce your husband with my giant, veiny, dripping with milk breast. If that sort of thing gets him going, you've got much bigger problems with his sick ass than me feeding my baby,' she wrote.
'I DO NOT breastfeed in public to draw attention to myself in any way, shape, or form. It is a necessity and a part of our everyday life.'
Durbin added that much worse happens at restaurant tables but rarely is a cause for complaint.
Those who wish not to see it should simply focus on something else.
'I think it's gross to blow your nose at the table, but I don't tell the manager that he needs to tell you not to do that,' she said in the post. 'If my nursing baby somehow offends your weird ass, I suggest you look away or close your eyes. The best breastfeeding covers ever made were the back of your eye lids. Use them.' 
On Saturday nearly 40 people, including people from La Leche of Louisville nursing group protested with signs outside the branch.
Now Texas Roadhouse claims to be planning fundraisers to educate the public on the matter. 
They said the offending manager was now on paid leave and had been receiving threats.
'We sent out information to all other restaurants and said, "hey, this is an issue. Let’s use this issue as a learning experience for everybody – not just our employees",' spokesperson Travis Doster told
Managing partner Jeff White posted an apology on the branch's Facebook page.
'We sincerely apologize to Mrs. Durbin and all nursing mothers for how this situation was handled,' the post read. 'We would like to thank the members of La Leche League of Louisville for meeting with us today at the restaurant and educating us on the struggles facing nursing mothers. 
'As we discussed, we will use this incident to educate our employees to the rights of nursing mothers as part of our commitment to a providing a welcoming and family-friendly dining experience for everyone.'  
But Durbin has now filed a lawsuit claiming severe emotional distress and assault.
After hiring Brenton Stanley from Morgan and Morgan she said she is not looking for money but to prevent it happening again.
'They think, well I covered, so why can't she cover? Well, ask me why I can't cover. I'll gladly tell you why I can't, you know,' Durbin said referring to her daughter having had two tongue surgeries, reports. 
'But they don't care about that. It's just, go to car or go to the bathroom. No, I'm not going to nurse my baby in the dirty bathroom. I'm not.'

Mother sues Texas Roadhouse after a manager 'put a napkin on her baby's face and told her to cover up' while breastfeeding her seven-week-old daughter because woman complained Mother sues Texas Roadhouse after a manager 'put a napkin on her baby's face and told her to cover up' while breastfeeding her seven-week-old daughter because woman complained Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 03:10 Rating: 5

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