Hailey Baldwin's actor father Stephen is caught having secret rendezvous with LA masseuse as it's revealed married born-again Christian has been having two-year affair with her (9 Pics)

Actor Stephen Baldwin has been caught having secret trysts with a sexy professional masseuse - cheating on his loyal wife of 28 years, DailyMailTV can reveal.
The born-again Christian, whose daughter Hailey is married to pop superstar Justin Bieber, has been meeting regularly with Latin American beauty Ruth Perez Anselmi for sex during his business trips to Los Angeles.
In fact, DailyMailTV caught Baldwin visiting Anselmi's posh three-bedroom apartment on Wilshire Boulevard in Hollywood twice in recent weeks.
A friend of Anselmi's has also revealed that the New York-based actor - who married Brazilian wife Kennya in 1990 and regularly gushes about his marriage - has been seeing the Venezuelan brunette for more than two years after meeting her at a physical therapy school in LA.
DailyMailTV caught Baldwin out after receiving a tip about his infidelity.
Actor Stephen Baldwin entering masseuse Ruth Perez Anselmi's Hollywood apartment building after midnight on October 12
We filmed Baldwin entering Anselmi's Hollywood apartment building with the beauty on his arm after midnight on October 12.
The pair can be seen embracing by an elevator and Anselmi - also a talented singer and pianist - lovingly stroked Baldwin's arm.
Baldwin stayed at the apartment well into the early hours, leaving on a rented scooter.
Two days later on Sunday October 14 Baldwin was caught on camera again, this time leaving Anselmi's apartment building during the day with her by his side.
On seeing our cameraman, the normally publicity-seeking star recoiled and tried to escape into an underground parking lot, hoping we hadn't spotted him.
Realizing he had hit a dead end, the 52-year-old, wearing a baseball cap and glasses, was forced to face tough questions about his infidelity.
When asked about the affair he responded: 'You're out of your mind brother, brother God bless you.'
Our reporter asked: 'It's not true, you're not having an affair?' to which he reacted, 'You guys are crazy.'
When it was pointed out to The Usual Suspects star that he was just caught on camera alongside his mistress - he kept silent.
When our reporter said we knew all about his cheating on his wife, Baldwin lashed out.
'Brother, watch what you're saying now, now you're breaking the law potentially, so be careful,' he said.
The red-faced actor then quickly activated his rented scooter and zoomed off up the street. 
DailyMailTV has learned that Baldwin first met Anselmi at a physical therapy school in Reseda in the summer of 2016.
Baldwin went to the school for a discounted massage with a student therapist and was so taken by Anselmi – who was learning the trade – that he returned for a second rub down the following day.
A friend of Anselmi's told DailyMailTV: 'At first Ruth wasn't interested in Stephen, he was not really her type, but he was very persistent.
'He pestered her for her number after the first massage but she politely refused.
'Then he turns up the next day and really laid on the charm, he was nice to her so she gave in and gave him her number.
'They met up not long after and before long Ruth was smitten.'  
What started out as a professional client relationship quickly escalated into a romantic affair.
Anselmi's confidante revealed: 'Stephen has back problems so enjoys getting a massage from Ruth, she's very good, but he soon had other things on his mind.
'Things quickly turned sexual, they were meeting up at the hotels he was staying at and then he would go her house near downtown LA.
'Earlier this year she moved to a nice apartment on Wilshire Boulevard and Stephen was thrilled because it was near where he wanted to be.

'Stephen realized he could use a side entrance and not have to go through any security or pass a front desk.
'Ruth would come down to meet him outside of Five Guys pizza restaurant under the building and take him up to the apartment.'
The pair regularly texted each other and had FaceTime conversations that Ruth shared with her friend. 
The friend said that Stephen didn't discuss his private life with Anselmi and has never admitted to being married.
'Ruth is from Venezuela, at the beginning she had no clue who he was or that he was a famous actor, it's not like he's a huge name.
'He never said he was married and she never asked, it wasn't until earlier this year that she realized he wasn't being honest with her and she was very upset.
'She was more devastated when she realized he's been married for 28 years and had no intention of leaving his wife.
'Stephen is very arrogant to think that he could get away with it all this time.'
A few months after they met, on January 17, 2017, mom-of-two Anselmi, 39, posted a smiling selfie of her and Baldwin on her Facebook page with the message 'feeling fantastic'. She shared the post and other messages with her friend.
And DailyMailTV has seen a flurry of intimate text messages between the two.
Text messages provided by a friend show an exchange in which Anselmi calls Baldwin 'Mr. Wonderful.' Another shows the actor trying to arrange a meeting 

In June this year DailyMailTV cameras also caught Baldwin meeting up with Anselmi at the budget Custom Hotel near LAX airport in LA – proof the affair has been going on for a long while.
The actor and reality star were snapped arriving at the hotel and Anselmi arriving an hour later around 2pm.
After an hour and ten minutes Anselmi left the hotel – where rooms go for $148 a night - wearing Baldwin's t-shirt.
The friend said: 'They had sex and let's just say Ruth's clothes needed to be laundered, she told me, "I had a Monica Lewinsky moment."
Twenty minutes later Baldwin also left the hotel wearing different clothes from what he wore two hours earlier.
According to the friend, Baldwin was always cautious about what he wrote in text messages and said on calls, trying not to get too over familiar with his lover – knowing it would leave a trail.
But occasionally his guard would slip.
Baldwin called Anselmi last year the day after one of their trysts and made sure she was alone.

The friend recounted: 'He called Ruth while she was driving and said, "I hope you think this is very sweet, but I'm driving in the car and you sent me that picture, sweetie I want you to send me all the pictures, I love them they're beautiful." 
'So he's driving and when her photo comes through and he says he gets this big erection while he's with one of his oldest friends.
'He said, "I'm driving in this big pick up truck and I look at the picture and I start thinking about you…I look down and my penis is bulging out of my pants, I had to hide it…So I wanted to thank you, I'm 51 and you gave me this incredible b**er like I was back in high school."
On another occasion,  the friend recalled: 'Stephen called and he said, 'I'm in my car and I have the hardest erection right now while I'm driving.'
'He said he had a lot of energy for her and wanted to see her again that night.
'He said: 'I just wanted to say thank you, I guess you have an idea of how wonderful it is for me, so I'm just calling to say thank you.'
The friend said that Anselmi was flattered by Baldwin's attention and began falling for his charm.
Early into their affair, Baldwin suggested he could whisk Anselmi out of LA to join him on his travels around America.
Anselmi declined, however, because of her commitments to work and her two children.
Not only a talented singer and pianist, Anselmi is also an artist and likes to paint and sculpt.
In November, 2017 she appeared on a Spanish language talent show called 'Tengo Talento Mucho Talento' on which she sang, played the keyboard and created a lifelike sculpture of the show's host.
In 2013 the budding pop star featured in a music video singing the song 'I Believe' shot in New York and posted on YouTube. 
The actor was very respectful and 'super nice' to Anselmi but, the friend claims, he wanted her to be at his beck and call.
The friend said: 'It was always on his terms, he'd say he was coming at 9 p.m and not arrive until midnight, Ruth hated it when he messed with her time.
He'd often message her last minute as well and want to come over. He liked her to give him massages but there was always sex involved.
'It was convenient for him, he never took her out to dinner or on a date, he was just after one thing.
'He was late so often she offered to buy him a watch.'
Baldwin turned to Jesus Christ after 9/11 and he and his wife, who he has called a 'Jesus freak' in interviews, are passionately religious and have given themselves to God.
The evangelical Christian often speaks of the virtues of marriage and family - he met Kennya in 1987 and they married three years later and have two girls together, Alaia, 25, and Hailey, 21, who both work as models.
Kennya, a graphic designer, is the daughter of Eumir Deodato, a famous Brazilian composer.
Earlier this year Hailey posted a quote from her dad on her Instagram page next to a loving black and white photo of him hugging her mom Kennya.
'Your Mom is my other half, I would do anything for her.. I'll push her in a wheelchair forever if I have too (sic), I'm IN dude. It takes sacrifice. But nobody could ever replace her,' the quote read.
After it Hailey wrote: 'My Dad trying to give me a little life lesson talk.'
The post was liked almost 250,000 times.
Baldwin, the youngest of Hollywood's four famous Baldwin brothers - Alec, 60, Daniel, 58, and William, 55 -  fills his time doing a lot ministry and Christian films.
He lives in Nyack, north of New York City on a farm with Kennya, but travels quite a bit with work.
He said recently of his homelife: 'It's quite boring, I live north of New York City on a farm. I go to Calvary Chapel. Those guys stick to the Word pretty close. When I'm working from the house, I just wanna be there to serve my wife and daughters,' he continued.
The actor is most famous for his breakthrough role in hit movie The Usual Suspects in 1995. In 2000, Stephen played Barney Rubble in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.
He also appeared on a number of reality shows including All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, I'm a Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here! and Celebrity Big Brother.
In 2006 in his hometown, Baldwin and friends Mario D'Ortenzio and Bobby Brewer founded Breakthrough Ministry, which combines extreme sports and ministry through arena tours.
Two years later Stephen started Antioch Ministry 'to facilitate the gifts and calling of Stephen Baldwin'.
In 2009 he founded a third ministry called Now More Than Ever which was designed to target men and women in the military.
That same year his 1.4-acre home was publicly auctionedafter he and his wife defaulted on over $824,000 in mortgage payments.
In July of 2009 the actor filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. He alleged that he was more than $2.3 million in debt. Court documents show he owed about $1.2 million on two mortgages on a single New York property valued at $1.1 million, $1 million in taxes and a significant amount in credit card debt.
Stephen is an avid supporter of Donald Trump and is regularly seen in MAGA caps.
Hailey Baldwin's actor father Stephen is caught having secret rendezvous with LA masseuse as it's revealed married born-again Christian has been having two-year affair with her (9 Pics) Hailey Baldwin's actor father Stephen is caught having secret rendezvous with LA masseuse as it's revealed married born-again Christian has been having two-year affair with her (9 Pics) Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 04:37 Rating: 5

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