The American Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave

Daniel Suelo gave up on money in 2000. He walked into a phone booth, pulled out 30 dollars and left it. Twelve years later, Suelo still does not have a personal i.d. bank accounts, a modern home, does not take money, or live off of federal welfare. Suelo, lives in caves in the canyon lands outside of Moab, UT. Suelo, harvests wild foods, eats roadkill, and dumpster dives. Suelo, is not an isolationist, he still is very active in the Moab community SE Utah politics and he is an active blogger.

Daniel Suelo sits in the Utah mountains where he has lived for more than a decade without using money

 Daniel Suelo lives in the Utah wilderness, miles from the nearest town where he can enjoy plenty of solitude

A stove that Daniel uses to cook the roadkill he catches

The inside of his cave in the Utah desert with his minimal worldly possessions

Suelo (pictured) lived in a cave in Utah for several years after he gave up money

Suelo's few possessions have been reclaimed from what others are throwing away

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  1. Yippity shiit....he is a very selfish person living off the cast offs of society. A real life freegan....eating roadkill is not a way of life...and dumpster diving can be hazardous to your health as well. So he makes no money and takes no govt handouts...pretty soon his lifestyle will kill him and no one will miss this guy. Living in the high desert of Utah is not easy granted....but he pays no rent....just another west coast wacko..... whatever floats your boat.....

  2. Without mentioning why and how he came to this lifestyle change, this story is incomplete and not worth reporting.


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