Life Hacks To Get You Through College Life (33 Pics)

Because being a student is tough, these tips will definitely make college a little easier.

Cook your food without taking up a lot of space.
This is great for those who like those fancy flavored coffees.

Put off washing your spoons another day and just use a fork.

Coffee makers not allowed in your dorm? No problem!

Show everyone your priorities by using the washing machine to chill your beer.

Note: do not try this with rice.

Let the professor think you're being flirty when you're actually cheating.

Get fancy on a budget.

Remember that anything can be a hot tub if you believe in yourself.

Find a sweet way to heal that sports injury.
No word yet on how to heal the cuts that these things slice into the sides of your mouth.

Never sleep through your 8 a.m. class again.

Leave lots of room for activities during sleepovers.

Fill up a water jug while your professor scolds you for your poor attendance.

Say "no" to ridiculously small desks and "yes" to doubling up on chairs

Create the legendary Fountain of Booze.

Give all your takeout sauce containers new life as jello shot holders.

Ensure that even your worst injuries won't prevent drunken nights.

Use an iron to cook noodles... devices to heat up breakfast...

... or go heavy duty if the situation is dire enough.

Parents coming to visit? Up the fancy by serving salad with tongs

Convince the professor that you really ARE just admiring your own crotch.

Never deal with those flimsy shower hooks again.

Get some added water pressure while proudly displaying your lousy beer preferences.

Never spend a fortune just to keep your teeth clean again.
... or to keep other parts of you clean. I don't judge.

Be festive without dragging a tree up three flights of dorm stairs

A rainy walk across campus with your friends is nothing a box can't handle
if it's not raining too hard and you're not walking too far and you're ok with only using it once

Stick it to the man by building your own phone dock... with speakers!

Use a stove-heated pot to show the world that you're a strong, independent student who don't need no iron

Fashion yourself the most unique pair of headphones around

Put your party habit to good use by installing a cool lighting system

When a hole punch can't defeat the massive stack of papers you have, hit up the hardware store

Waterproof your phone with something you probably (hopefully) already have lying around

Save time on cutting vegetables by attaching a knife to a fan
But only if you don't value your limbs and possibly your life.

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