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We enjoy quite a few unprecedented technologies today, but much more of the stuff that we use has been around for ages. Ancient humans may ...

We enjoy quite a few unprecedented technologies today, but much more of the stuff that we use has been around for ages. Ancient humans may not have been able to text or upload selfies, but they enjoyed everyday objects like flushable toilets, chewing gum and nice purses just like we do.

Oldest Socks (1,500 years old)

What: Egyptian wool socks

When: Naalbindedbetween 300 and 499 AD and found in the 19th century

Where: Egypt

Oldest Written Recipe (5,000 years old)

Who: Sumarian

What: A Sumerian Beer recipe – A strong beer with chunks of bread floating in it.

When: 3000 BC

Where: Sumerian – Iraq

Oldest Sunglasses (800 years old)

Who: We can credit the Eskimo or Inuit of the Arctic for the world’s first sunglasses.

What: The world’s oldest sunglasses. snow goggles, designed to reduce the sun’s glare reflecting on the snow. (Clever?)

When: 1.AD

Where: Baffin Island, Canada


Oldest Sculpture Of A Human Form (35,000 – 40,000 years old)

Who: The Venis of Hohle Fels, belonging to the early Aurignacian, at the very beginning of the Upper Paleolithic, which is associated with the earliest presence of Cro-Magnon in Europe

What: Venus of Hohle Fels is the oldest statue depicting a human figure.

When: 35,000-40,000 years old

Where: mammoth-ivory figurine was found in Germany


Oldest Shoe (5,500 years old)


What: Cowhide moccasin.

When: 5,500 year old.

Where: Found in a cave in Armenia, preserved by grass and dry sheep dung.


Oldest Instrument (55,000 years old)

Who: Because it has characteristics of a flute, he has called it a “Neanderthal flute”. Whether it is actually a flute created by Neanderthals is a subject of debate. It is broken at both ends, and has two complete holes and what may be the incomplete remains of one hole on each end, meaning that the bone may have had four or more holes before being damaged.

What: Divje Babe Flute (bone flute)

When: The flute has been associated with the “end of the middle Pleistocene” and the time of Neanderthals, about 55,000 years ago.

Where: Slovenia


Oldest Pants (3,300 years old)

What: The oldest pair of pants

When: 3,300 years old

Where:found in Western China.

Oldest “Flush” Toilets (2,000 years old)

What:  Almost every house unit at Mohenjo-daro was equipped with a private bathing area with drains to take the dirty water out into a larger drain that emptied into a sewage drain. Many of these bathing areas had water tight floors to keep moisture from seeping into the other rooms nearby or below.

When: The two greatest cities, Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, emerged circa 2600 BCE

Where: Locations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan.

Oldest Brassiere (500 years old)

What: A bra.

When: 1390 and 1485.

Where: Austria.

Oldest Prosthetic (3,000 years old)

What: A prosthetic was used to help someone in Egypt to walk again.

When: 3,000 year old.

Where: Egypt.

Oldest Purse (4,500 years old)

What: These dog teeth are all that remain of a disintegrated purse

When: 4,500 years ago

Where: found in Germany

Oldest Condom (370 years old)

What: The sheepskin condom.

When: was used in 1640 (yes, more then once). The reusable condom came with instructions (in Latin) to clean it with warm milk to prevent users from catching STDs.

Where: Sweden.

Oldest Chewing Gum (5,000 years old)

What: Chewing gum. The gum consists of birch bark, and was most likely used to heal mouth infections or to use as glue.

When: was chewed at least 5,000 years ago.

Where: Finland.

Oldest Coin (2,700 years old)

What: The oldest known coin.

When: 2.700 year old.

Where: found in the ancient Hellenic, city of Efesos in Turkey.

Oldest Globe (510 years old)

Who: it had been sold to its current owner at a map fair in London in 2012.

What: The oldest globe was painstakingly etched into the surface of an ostrich egg.

Where: Italy.

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