Unwritten Rules Everybody Should Live By (11 pics)

It's just common sense, people.

This is an age-old rule, and people still get it wrong.

Let people out of the elevator/ room/ building/ train before you get in. That way there’s more room for everybody.

There’s nothing worse than being swindled out of your money because you couldn’t provide proof that you did, in fact pay that bill.

Eating pizza is the best, but don’t be greedy.

That’s yours to keep please don’t share it with anyone.

They can’t do a thing about so just leave it.

Headphones were invented by Nathaniel Baldwin so that you can maintain your privacy when making phone calls.

This goes for anything and everything: Cupboards, chocolate spread, internet tabs…

Signalling is a language that you learned so you could get your driver’s licence. Use it.

Don’t set up camp in the middle of the pavement. It’s not a difficult concept to wrap your head around: stand by the side, let people pass.

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