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Super Expensive Stuff That Beyoncé Can Afford (15 pics)

Golden Manicure – $850  Everyone loves to see good looking fingers and nails. A manicure is an ordinary thing these days, and many wome...

Golden Manicure – $850 
Everyone loves to see good looking fingers and nails. A manicure is an ordinary thing these days, and many women (and even men) are visiting manicure salons around the globe. Beyonce is that kind of woman that pays attention to big, as well as small things, and we all know that presentation is everything. For her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour promo photos, Queen B had a gold manicure by H&H that costs around $850. This amount of money spent on nails is absurd for us regular folks, but for the diva, it’s just pocket money.
This manicure is unique, not only in price but also in the technique of making. Each nail is fitted with a 3D metal accessory which gives it such an exclusive look. Designers Holly Silius and Hannah Warner definitely did a great job because everybody, and we mean everybody, noticed those gold nails. Mrs. Carter obviously has a thing for the glittering of gold.

The Promise Bracelet By Tacori – $2,390

This item doesn’t cost much compared to the rest of the things on our list, but it shows love and resourcefulness. On Valentine’s Day, Jay-Z gave a $2,390 ‘The Promise’ bracelet to his wife. When you consider all the expensive things that he bought her, it is under-average, but this gift definitely shows that he is crazy in love with his wife. ‘The Promise’ is a bracelet made of gold and silver (symbolizing a couple), that features a mini lock and a heart-shaped key. Only the keyholder can unlock this bracelet when it is attached.
While too expensive for regular folks, this bracelet is one of the most beautiful ways of saying “I love you.” The only thing that could spoil the romance is the fact that Jay-Z didn’t go to the store to buy the thing himself. Instead, he sent Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter, to do the shopping for him. Nevertheless, it is an excellent gift and a remarkable token of appreciation, and because of that, kudos to Jay-Z.

Naughty Toys – $6,000

We’re still not going insanely-expensive yet, but we’re slowly progressing. There is nothing better than two people full of energy that are in love and have no boundaries. Beyonce and her hubby love each other very much, and we can only presume there are fireworks in the bedroom between these two as well. The difference between them and regular couples is that the rest of the world doesn’t usually spend $6,000 on naughty toys.
We don’t know what they bought for themselves, but it must have been plated with gold given the amount of money they have spent on it. Any couple that goes to these shops together, regardless of how much money they spend, is a great couple in our books. Well done, Beyonce and Jay-Z, that’s the way to keep the fire going. It is quite tough to manage your love life when you have an exceptional career and a one-year-old daughter, but they surely found a way to manage it.

Custom Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers – $10,000

We’re heading towards the insanely pricey class items that Queen B possesses. Have you ever seen these shoes? These custom Isabel Marant wedge kicks were not so heavy on her wallet because they cost only $10,000. This amount of money is nothing when you consider her wealth, but goes perfectly in line with all the insane purchases that she made over the years. The interesting thing about them is not the price, but the material from which they are made.
Apparently, the diva didn’t want any ordinary material, so she contacted PMK (which stands for Perfectly Made Kicks) and ordered her sneakers from the hide of several exotic animals. We are talking about ostrich, stingray, crocodile, anaconda and cow skin. How insane is that?! Needless to say, she had a lot of problems with PETA over these kicks. We wouldn’t want to spur an argument, but something is certainly fishy around here.

Gold Leggings – $100,000

Apparently, when you are a queen of the music business, your favorite color is gold. Another interesting item on our list of overly expensive things that Queen B can afford is a pair of gold leggings. Yes, the real gold. Not faux gold or even gold plated, we are talking about the kind of gold that comes from mines all over the world. These Balenciaga leggings are made of real gold, and their price is around $100K.
She wore them at the BET Awards in 2007, and not many times since then. Who knows, maybe it becomes too difficult to perform in them because it gets too hot after a few songs. We will probably never know how that feels, but they sure look impressive on her. Beyonce sure has the voice and the looks that deserve the absurd things which are only available to the biggest divas of the music industry.

Princess Constellation Shoes – $312,000

If you’ve ever seen the popular show Sex and The City, you’ll know how much Carrie Bradshaw loves her shoes. She was willing to spend every dime she had ever made, just to buy a pair of her favorite shoes. It’s no secret that some women love shoes more than everything else, but we are quite confident that these shoes are beyond the reach of many. A pair of these special edition shoes bought in The House of Borgezie, contains more than 1,300 diamonds. They are made out of 18 karat gold, and they cost $312,000.
Yes, Beyonce can afford these overly expensive stilettos. Naturally, when you pay that much for your high heels, you get a lifetime warranty, and they make those stilettos especially for the size and shape of your feet. The interesting fact is that she actually purchased them for her video. How insane is that? This girl apparently runs the world in her overly-priced, high-heeled shoes.

Vintage Hermes Birkin Collection Of Bags – $350,000

Every woman needs her bag (or several bags, for that matter) but, not every woman can afford a set of extra expensive fancy bags. There is a bunch of pricey presents that Jay-Z bought for his beloved wife, but nothing shows affection like the $350,000 worth of Vintage Hermes Birkin bags. Yes, folks, you read it right. No matter what kind of bags they are, that is just too much money.
With that amount of green, an average person could buy a house, a car and still save something for rainy days. The thing is, Knowles-Carter are everything but an ordinary and average family. With the amount of money they have, they could buy a ton of these bags and still have enough money leftover to buy an island (or two). Simply imagine a bunch of black leather bags that are worth as much as an average Ferrari, and everything will become clear to you.

Collection Of Wigs – $1 million

Mrs. Knowles-Carter is known for her many changes in physical appearance, on and off the stage. Every change is a radical one, from the way she dresses and looks, to her hair. Over the years we’ve seen her with many different hairstyles, as well as colors. It is impossible for one person to change the color and looks of her hair so often without doing some damage to the hair. That is precisely why Beyonce has a collection of wigs worth over one million dollars.
Of course, these wigs are not the usual kind because they are made from real hair and produced especially for her. Some of her wigs are worth over $10,000, but she did make the best of them. The great thing is that Mrs. Carter donates wigs to the organization that helps chemotherapy patients after she uses them. She is filthy rich, but luckily, she has a good heart.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport – $2 million

We’ve already established that there is almost an infinite number of overly expensive things Beyonce can afford. When you’re super-rich, it’s not about the amount of money you spend – it is about the surprise. For instance, to surprise him, Queen B bought an impressive car for Jay’s 41st birthday. The name of the car is Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. The price? Around 2 million dollars, give or take (depending on the accessories).
Needless to say, it is one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. Of course, Jay didn’t want to nitpick, so he returned the favor by buying a powder blue Rolls Royce for his wife. Of course, this wasn’t an ordinary Rolls. It is a vintage version that costs at least a million dollars. We can only imagine them on the open road, each of them driving their expensive machines. It is a dream for all car enthusiasts, except that only a few enthusiasts can actually afford any of these vehicles.

Private Island – $4 million

When you are a millionaire, you live your life to the maximum, and if it so happens that you own a private jet, why wouldn’t you buy a private island as well? Makes sense in a way, don’t you think? Especially if you’re Jay-Z and Beyonce. You don’t want to mix with the ordinary people, so you buy a whole island for yourself. This luxury costs around 4 million dollars, and Jay-Z purchased it for the two most important girls in his life.
The island is located somewhere in the Bahamas, and we think that it is an ultimate present that a husband can buy for his wife. It is great when you have all the bling in the world, expensive purses, and other stuff, but getting a whole island for a present; that is an entirely new level. Gentlemen, try to remember this the next time you want to buy something for the special woman in your life.

Engagement Ring – $5 million

“Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it”, Beyonce sings in one of her songs, and her boyfriend at the time did just that. We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So let me ask you, is there a better way of proposing to the woman you love than to give her an 18-karat, octagon-shaped Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring worth about 5 million dollars?
With this amount of money spent on the ring, Jay-Z probably didn’t even have to kneel and say some romantic words that are often spoken on these occasions. Another interesting fact is that Beyonce broke the record of the most expensive ring owned by a celebrity that is still alive. After the engagement, she rushed to brag about her beautiful engagement ring on Instagram and other social networks. The ring looks pretty good, considering how much it costs. Overly expensive? You be the judge.

Hublot Watch – $5 million

Since Beyonce knows that her husband is a watch enthusiast, she decided to give him a special present for his 43rd birthday. Naturally, this wasn’t some ordinary present, because where’s the fun in that? She gave him a Hublot “Big Bang” wristwatch that costs “only” 5 million dollars. It is probably among the most expensive watches in this world that a person can buy.
This unique timekeeper has more than a thousand diamonds and 6 square emeralds built in it, which is roughly around 100 karats. The diamonds are exquisite and Jay-Z (as a rap superstar) knows how to appreciate the bling. This watch is a real work of art, built with utmost precision, and there isn’t a museum in the world that would be ashamed of having it in an exhibition. Fortunately for Mr. Carter, his wife can afford this watch without much trouble. Now he can pair it with other overly expensive stuff that he owns, or even check what time it is.

Private Jet – $40 million

It’s easy to travel when you’re rich, especially if you own a private jet. All you need to do is point a finger anywhere on the map, pack your suitcases and you’re on your way. It’s as simple as that. It just so happens that Beyonce and her husband own a private jet that costs around 40 million dollars. Yes, ladies and gentleman, 40 million smackeroonies is the price for the ultimate privacy and luxury these days.
The name of their plane is The Bombardier Challenger 850 Learjet and, as you’ve guessed it, it is pretty luxurious on the inside as well. Up to 14 people (other than Beyonce, Jay and their daughter) can travel and enjoy in that marvel of aviation. Of course, when you’re a diva, first class is not good enough for you. With the amount of money that they earn on a yearly basis, we’re sure they haven’t even broken a sweat over this $40 million jet.

Malibu Mansion – $45 million

When you have an insane amount of money at your disposal, it is very easy to decide where you are going to reside. The couple bought a house that belonged to none other than Cher, for a measly 45 million dollars. It is nice to know that this house was Cher’s concept, both internally and structurally. This beautiful mansion stretches over 13,126 square feet and includes nine bathrooms, seven bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, formal dining room, and a media room. We can also add that it has a pool which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

L.A. Mansion – $93 million

Another thing that most of us can only dream of, and by far the most expensive item on our list is this enormous house, located in LA. Beyonce and Jay bought a mansion in L.A. for 93 million dollars. For this incredible amount of money (one of the most expensive houses ever sold in Los Angeles), you can only expect the best of the best, of course. We don’t want to bother you with technical details, but just because this is a special case we feel obliged to do so. The mansion stretches over 38,000 square feet (the interior) and offers ten bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, as well as several separate structures for guests and staff.
The mansion also features an entertainment complex with a lounge, a movie theater, separate wine room, and an extensive private spa with waterfalls and all the fancy things you can imagine. There are 50 parking spaces outside and ten underground parking spaces for the large choice of vehicles that these two own. Of course, swimming pools, tennis and a basketball court, and a private hiking trail, are just the icing on the cake.

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