Diamond mine in Russia (72 Pics)

Diamonds were formed more than 300 million. Years ago. Kimberlite magmas formed at a depth of 20-25 km. Magma gradually rose along faults in the crust and the upper layer could no longer hold back the pressure of the rock, there is an explosion. The first such handset found in South Africa in Kimberley - there came the name. In the mid-50s it was discovered rich deposits of diamonds root in Yakutia, where it has been detected to date, about 1,500 kimberlite pipes. The development of deposits of Yakutia is a Russian company "ALROSA", which produces 99% of the diamonds in the Russian Federation and more than a quarter of the world. Kimberleyˈkimbərlē Definitions of Kimberley noun a city in South Africa, in the province of Northern Cape; population 183,000 (est. 2009). It has been a diamond-mining center since the early 1870s. a plateau region in the far north of Western Australia. A mining and cattle-rearing region, it was the scene of a gold rush in 1885. 

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