A Converted Barge Is Turned Into A Beautiful Home

With a large, open floor plan, there aren't too many signs that this isn't just a normal apartment or home.

Piano, shelves, couches, fireplace... Seems pretty typical, until you take a closer look.

That odd looking door was my first indication that something wasn't quite right.

After the door, I realized that there was something unusual about the windows, as well.

Kitchen, dining room, entertainment/ living room. All of this combined as a great room is not a bad idea. I'm a fan of open spaces.

The kitchen has a nice island, with all necessary amenities, including a good sized stove.

With a large skylight, one would think that this apartment was on the top floor... But wait, where do those stairs lead?

The top of the stairs, when coming from the great room, leads to the main housing compartment of the barge. But first, a peak through the door.

The skylights of the great room take up a large portion of the deck of the barge.

Entering the main bedroom, you'll find a nice sitting/ reading area with plenty of natural light!

The sitting area is nestled nicely into what would otherwise be wasted space as the wall travels sharply outward from the floor.

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