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Historical Images Late 1800s - Mid 1940s (150 Pics)

 1800s - Late - British Soldier Removing Leg Irons off a Slave  1800s - Late - Colorized photo of Mulberry Street NYC  1800s - Lat...

 1800s - Late - British Soldier Removing Leg Irons off a Slave
 1800s - Late - Colorized photo of Mulberry Street NYC
 1800s - Late - Eureka Colorado
 1800s - Late - Statue of Liberty Construction in France
 1800s - Colorized photo of Samuari and his underlings
 1852 - Farmers waiting for the opening of a slave fair in St. Louis
 1860 - View of Boston from a Hot Air Baloon
 1862 - Slave family on a plantation (Beaufort, South Carolina)
 1862- Chichen Itza before restoration and cleaning
 1863 - A union soldier poses with 'contraband. Contraband was the term used by the Union military during the Civil War to describe the new status of liberated slaves.
 1863 - Civil War soldiers killed at the Battle of Gettysburg (Colorized)
 1863 - Godfor, a Gettysburg battlefield vulture
 1864 - George Armstrong Custer and his comrades during Civli War (Colorized)
 1864 - On the lines before the Battle of George, General William Techuseh Sherman and Staff
 1864 - President Lincoln in his White House office
 1865 - Lewis Powell Mugshot
 1866 - Robert E. Lee mounted on his horse Traveller
 1870.9.1 - Franco-Prussian War, Battle of Sedan This image is considered to be the first actual photograph taken of a battle. It shows a line of Prussian troops advancing.
 1870s - Chinese 'Golden Lilly Foot'

1875 - Men selling mummies in Egypt

1876 - Deadwood, South Dakota

1877 - 19 Year old Teddy Roosevelt during his freshman year at harvard

 1887ish - Eiffel Tower under construction
 1880 - Indian snake charmers
 1884 - Construction of Statue of Liberty
 1886 - Native American looks on at newly constructed trans-continental railroad
 1887 - Geronimo and his men one of the last few Native Americans who had yet to surrender
 1887 - Oldest known photograph of a tornado taken in South Dakota

1888 - Construction of the Eiffel Tower take 2

 1891 - Tree of Life

1894 - Prince Edward VII, Tsar Nicholas II, Tsarina Alexandra, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Empress Frederick - Wedding Coburg Germany

1895 - Police photograph of Vladimir Lenin

1895 - Winston Churchill

 1897 - Boxing aboard the USS Oregon

1900 - California Luberjacks work on Redwoods

1900s - Mount Rushmore as it appeared in its more natual state

 1900s Early - MGM

1903 - Cree Indian

1903 - Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir (on Teddy's left), before the Grizzly Giant, big trees of California. These two men are largely responsible for the creation of our National Parks!

 1904 - Congolese Man looking at the severed hand and foot of his five year old daughter after he had not collected enough rubber in Belgian Congo

1905 - Teddy Roosevelt mediating between the Japanese and Russians, bringing an end to the Russo-Japanese War with the Treaty of Portsmouth

 1906 - The Great San Francisco Fire and Eartquake

1906.3.7 - US Soldiers pose with some of the 600 Moro villagers they had killed, after the First Battle of Bud Dajo in the Phillipines

 1907 - Geronimo

1907 - Steamboats on the Mississipi River

1908 - Consctruction of the Manhattan Bridge

1908 - Crow Mother and Child
1908 - Punishment for not collecting enough of the rubber plant in Belgium Congo

1910.5 - Crowned Heads of Europe at the funeral of King Edward VII of England.

Top Row - Standing, L-R: King Haakon VII of Norway, King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, King Manuel II of Portugal, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany (King of Prussia), King George I of Greece, King Albert I of Belgium.

Seated, L-R: King Alfonso XIII of Spain, King George V of the United Kingdom, King Frederik VIII of Denmark.

1910s - Terrior Shows off his haul after 15 minutes of rat hunting in trenches WW1

1910s - Tsar Nicholas and his Daugher

 1910s - World War 1 - 8 allied soldiers from 8 countries (Vietnam, Tunisia, Senegal, Sudan, Russia, USA, Portugal, England)

1911 - Mugshot of Joseph Stalin, taken by the Tsaric Secret Police in Saint Petersburg as Stalin was fighting the Russian government prior to the 1917 revolution

 1911 - NYC Times Square
 1912 - First Photograph of Machu Pichu after discovery
 1912 - Last Photograph taken of the Titanic
 1912.5 - RMS Carpathia picks up life boat survivors from the Titanic

1912 - Teddy Roosevelt at Boston City Hall

 1912 - Testing football helmets
 1912.5 - The First Class Lounge of the RMS Titanic
 1912.5 - Titanic (Colorized)
1912.5 - Titanic Boarding Pass

 1912 - World Series
 1912 -Titanic Leaves Port
 1913 - Excavation of the Panama Canal
 1913.8.11 - Photo postcard taken at lynching of blackman, unknown location

 1913 - Reunion of Gettysburg veterans
 1914 - A French soldier fires over the body of a dead comrade
 1914 - Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on day of Assassination
1914 - Combat Ready French Cavalry Soldiers

1914 - Elephant Mounted Machine Gun

1914 - Romanov - Nicholas II and children with Cossacks of the Guard

1914 - Russian Infantry Take Cover during their battle against Austro-Hungairan Empire

1914 - Samarra Iraq Aerial Shot

1914.12.24 - (Painting) Soldiers from both sides taking a picture together during the impromptu Christmas truce
1915 - Broadway, Saratoga Springs (Colorized)
1915 - German U-boat sinks Allied merchant vessel in the Atlantic

1915.7 - Survivors of Pickett's Charge re-enact their attack 50 yrs after Gettysburg. Union vets were there to cheer them on
1916 - French soldier walking in a trench in devastated terrain of the Somme.
1916 - Jewish Soldiers at Hanukkah Celebration during WW1
1916 - The shells from an allied bombardment on German lines

1917 - Belgium, A German observation post on the Yser Front
1917 - German infantryman mounting a horse on the Western Front during WW1
1917.4.12 - Mark II female Tank Number 598 advancing with Infantry at Vimy Ridge
1918.8 - U.S Troops in Vladivostok, Russia
1920s - Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller
1920s - Photo of Al Capone appearing in a Chicago Courtroom
1920s - Selfies!

1922 - Howard Carter inspecting King Tut's open tomb
1924 - Adolf Hitler Being attempting to recreate his release from Landsberg Prison. This photograph is staged, at a later date, and not at the Prison.

1930 - Central Park Hoovervilles
1930.10 - Paving 28th Street in Manhattan
1930 - Onlookers at the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, Marion, Indiana

1930.12.29 - The last bottle of bear that was brewed before prohibition went into effect

1930s - Bread and Soup During the Great Depression

1930s - Einstein's Report Card!

1930s - Hitler in lederhosen. He banned its publication as he considerd it 'beneath one's dignity'

1930s - Japanese H.S girls receiving shooting training

1930s - Job Hunting during the Depression
1930s - Mickey Mouse Club
1932 - Rockefeller Center under construction, NYC
1934 - John F. Kennedy just after his high school graduation

1934 - Prewar Nazi Party Ceremony
1936 - Back of Hoover Dam before it filled with water

1937 - Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge
1937 - Great Depression
1937 - Nazi Rally in Cathedral of Light
1934 - Nazi Thanksgiving Rally at Bückeberg, near Hameln
1937-38 - Japanese soldier holding the severed head of a Chinese civilian, Nanjing, China (Rape of Nanjing)
1937.12 - The moment a Chinese soldier was assassinated by a Japanese soldier during the Nanjing Massacre; Nanjing China
1938 - A Japanese headsman tells a Chinese prisoner how to hold his head for a quick decapitation during the Nanking Massacre, China
1938.11.7 - Chinese prisoners are used as live targets in a bayonet drill by their Japanese captors, during the Nanking Massacre
1939 - Construction of Mt. Rushmore
1939 - German American Nazi's NY
1940 - Children in the East End of London, made homeless by the Blitz
1940 - Dog Being Posed by German Soldier
1940 - English Girl Conforts Doll in Comforts of Bombed out Home

1940.9 - Contrails above London after dogfight between Brtish and German Aircraft
1940 - Do Your Part Skate to Work
1940s - Image of New York Street (Kodachrome?)
1940s - Equipment carried by a parachutist radio operator
1940s - Grand Central during World War II
1940s - Hitler in Paris
1940s - American F6 Hellcat Shot down
1940s - Liberated Jew holds a Nazi at Gunpoint
1940s - Queen Elizabeth during WW2 in the UK
1940s - Real Life Rosie the Riveter (Colorized)
1940s - Smiling Russian spy being executed

1940s - The Battle of Peleliu Island - WWII - 'Danger Move Fast'
1940s - Winston Churchill out for a dip
1940s - London Readers continue to browse at a bombed-out library
1941 - 'I pledge allegience to the flag of the United State of America'
1941 - 'shell shocked' reindeer looks on as WW2 planes drop bombs on Russia. Faked image! It is a composite image.

1941 - 'shell shocked' reindeer looks on as WW2 planes drop bombs on Russia. Faked image! It is a composite image.

1941 - German Air Raid on Moscow
1941 - German soldier mocking an Orthodox Jew's hair
1941 - Heinrich Himmler and Daughter visit Concentration camp
1941 - The Last jew in Vinnitsa
1941 - Woman standing next to wide variety of tires used by U.S aircraft
1941.12.7 - A navy phoographer snapped this photograph of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii
1941.12.7 - View of Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack
1942 - Searchlights on the Rock of Gibraltar
1942 - WW2 Propaganda Posters in Port Washington, NY
1942.12.18 - Japanese soldier about to commit suicide wit a grenade against his head while an Australian soldier watches, New Guinea
1943 - 'Rosie the Riveter working on a divebomber, Tennessee

1943 - Jaunuary - Soviets Defend Stalingrad
1943 - Muslim members of the Waffen-SS 13th division at prayer during their training in Germany
1943.10 - A young girl using a cutting torch at a boat and submarine buildilng yard adjusts her goggles before resuming work
1943 - Soviet Red Army soldier and a capture German POW during the Battle of Stalingrad

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