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A Bullied Boy Receives a Letter So Disturbing His Mom Won’t Let Him Go Back to School

It can be hard to find proof of bullying, because kids often  don’t  report  it , so parents don’t necessarily know what their kids are...

It can be hard to find proof of bullying, because kids often don’t report it, so parents don’t necessarily know what their kids are going through.
Not in this case. Las Vegas mother Jennifer Beasley found a ripped-up note in her 12-year-old son’s garbage can that showed he was facing some seriously sick stuff on the school bus, according to CBS affiliate KLAS-TV.
Have a look for yourself:

The letter reads:
“I would stab you in your legs. Tie you up and pry out your teeth and make a necklace out of them. I should sew your mouth shut and drop bleach in your eyes. I will cut you open and separate your organs from your body and human prorous. After that I should wash/drench your entire body with animal (cow & dog) feces and pour gasoline on you and set you on fire.”
The young boy received the note from a girl on his bus who had previously written him that she wanted to duct tape and stab him “until the blood ran out of his body.”
Beasley tried to get the school to do something, but they weren’t much help. They claimed that they took “appropriate action,” but Beasley doesn’t believed that is enough.
She pulled her son out of Lied Middle School and also posted the letters on social media in an attempt to shed light on her son’s situation:
“I want something done. I want this girl to get some help. I want other parents to know this is happening. I want him to feel safe when he goes to school. If I’m not there to protect him then, who is?”
Clark County School District is investigating the incident but according to 8 News Now they cannot comment on the matter yet.

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