An Extravagant Underground Doomsday Bunker (17 pics)

This million condo is located 174 feet below ground is designed as a safe haven for the apocalypse or any other human disaster. The apartments of ”The Survival Condo Project” in Concordia, Kansas are around 2000 square feet and sell for between $1.5 and $3 million so you have to be pretty wealthy to invest in one of these homes.

The entrance to the condo has two doors that are 16,000 pounds each.

 And this is what a unit looks like. Full- and half-floor units are available. Full-floor units have 1,820 square feet of space and a maximum occupancy of 10 people. Half-floor units are 900 square feet and have a maximum occupants of 5 people. All of the fully furnished units have a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances and Kohler fixtures, a washer and dryer, a 50-inch television, and a five-year food reserve per person.

Here's a floor plan. The condo goes 174 feet underground.

Part of the reason why the condos are so pricey are the amenities. If you're going to be stuck 174 feet underground when the apocalypse comes, you're going to want something to do. There's a community pool with an outdoor scene painted on the walls.

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