There Is Nothing Normal about Australia (34 pics)

Giant centipedes that kill snakes?! Oh Australia!

Pythons eating everything.
Pythons so big they can lift wallabies.
Pythons on the loose in op shops.
Snakes on the loose inside toilets.
Snakes eating goannas.
Snakes on golf courses.
Snakes on planes.
Flying foxes generally.
Sharks eating golfers.
Great white sharks surfing.
Crocodiles surfing.
Crocodiles in swimming enclosures.
Crocodiles in creeks.
Crocodiles in the street.
Crocodiles EATEN by snakes.
Just goddamn MASSIVE crocs.
Paralysis ticks. Before and after feeding.
Spiders. Lots of spiders.
Bucket full of funnel web spiders collected from a Blue Mountains campsite. Each one can deliver a fatal bite.
Beetles. Swarming soldier beetles.
Flies. Lots of flies.
Plagues of millipedes.
Giant earthworms. OK, not dangerous, but BLEUGH!
Mole crickets. Nature gone horribly WRONG.
Giant venomous centipedes.
Giant, pissed-off cassowaries.
Mysterious giant jellyfish.
Irukandji jellyfish. Perhaps the most dangerous creature in Australia, despite being no bigger than a thumbnail.
Blue-ringed octopus are the only species of octopus fatal to humans.
Predatory marble cone snail stings can cause respiratory muscle paralysis leading to death.
Danger! Stonefish, Earth’s most venomous fish.
Extremely well-camouflaged stonefish look like an encrusted rock or lump of coral.
Watch the skies! The hail can kill.
Even bloody freshwater swim holes can be dangerous!
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