The Sweetest Surprise Neighbours (22 pics)

This guy discovered that he has some hidden guests next to his house. This is what happened.

She was nestled in, deep in the vines.
Upon discovering the nest, her neighbors also found two tiny eggs.
They were the size of jellybeans.
Then, they hatched!
Hungry little babies waiting for mom.
Day 4.
Day 7.

The little babies grew quickly.
At 2 weeks old, they were almost too big for the nest. 
They were also getting their gorgeous green coloring. 
Hummingbird nests are small, but the mothers build them to expand as the babies grow (you can see the spiders silk and moss she used). 
That’s the homeowner’s front door in the background. Every time they left, they were literally eye to eye with the baby hummingbirds. 

About 3 weeks old.
At this point they began really testing their boundaries. 
They were even looking like hummingbirds.

And out of the nest!
The babies finally grew up. This is what they left behind. 
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