Beautiful Machinery (26 Pics)

Dr. von Braun stands by the five F-1 engines of the Saturn V

One hell of a beautiful generator
Boeing wing stress testing
4,500 horsepower boring machine ‘Heidi’ breaks through at the final section of Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest rail tunnel

Lexus LFA 8-Speed Transmission
Peacekeeper ICBM inertial guidance module, 1986
The top of the W-16 block from a Bugatti Veyro

Dark matter liquid xenon detector

Cutterhead of the world’s largest-diameter tunnel boring machine, which will dig the State Route 99 tunnel beneath downtown Seattle beginning in summer 2013

Siemens HVDC transformer used to transport of electrical energy between Australia and Tasmania

Largcale excavator at a lignite open pit mine

A rotary snowplow locomotive at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis

Inside a hydroelectric turbine
Nuclear Steam Turbine
KRAZ truck with a MIG-15 turbojet engine used to clean and blow-dry the runway in winter. Domodedovo airport, Moscow, Russia

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Flat-Six
Business end of an Underground Racing twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo

Propellers of The Titanic c. 1912

A brand new HD750, GE CT Scanner

Taisun, the world’s strongest crane, preparing to lower an oil platform onto its pontoons, Yantai, China

JET Project Tokamak Fusion Reactor
Higgs Boson Particle Detector
A naked Porsche Carrera GT
Lufthansa 747-800. GEnx Engines
Large Hadron Collider
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