The singer decided to become a Santa this year and taking a slight detour after her holidays gave a surprise at-home concert to a World War II Veteran and his family.
96 years old veteran Cyrus Porter is her oldest and one of most loyal fans and he deserved those more than two hours of songs, selfies and laughs with his favorite celebrity. Cyrus was loving every moment of it, and was happy as never before.

Cyrus’ family member Caroline Fowler said, “My Popo was ecstatic! He was grinning from ear to ear and even had tears in his eyes… The first thing he said to her was ‘How did you get here?’ He loved every moment. He told her how he was proud of his family, his country and Taylor Swift!”

They jammed out for over an hour.

Swifty can do no wrong this Christmas. With her charisma, charm and willingness to go out of her way for a Veteran, it really doesn’t get much better.

Mark Webster decided to put himself to test and to eat and train like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a full month.
In order to maintain his legendary physique, Johnson eats more than 5,000 calories a day which is spread over seven meals, including a mighty 2.3 pounds of cod as well as eggs, steak, chicken, vegetables and potatoes.
Mark has found out that this lifestyle is both tiring (an hour of cardio and 90 minutes weight training six days a week) and pretty expensive. "It's costing me about $42/day," he said on Reddit. "Putting this whole experiment at a monthly budget of almost $1,300. It's mostly the cod that gets you, that alone is $18/day."

Look at this food prep:

Rubi Ibarra Garcia had her quinceañera – 15th Birthday on Monday in a Mexican rural village San Luis Potosi. It was attended by thousands of people though, because her father made a video invitation that went viral. More than one million people RSVP'd to the event on Facebook. The airline Interjet advertised discounted flights to the place with the slogan "Are you going to Rubi's party?" and the petrol company Castrol also got in on the joke. The family made the event worth visiting, as there was live music, a horse race and prizes. With the event said to more resemble a rock concert, medical and security officials also attended.

John Cessna was in school during the 2008 winter holidays, so his mom told him to “sober up” and send his family his own Christmas card. John didn’t take it lightly and sends the cards ever since, making them as hilarious as they can be. He doesn’t center the content on alcohol anymore, but goes for some more cringe and absurdity instead. These cards are true masterpieces!


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