Kayla Connors, from Massachusetts, is saying that her sister mistook Nair hair removal cream with shampoo while showering and this is how she looks now:

Obviously Kayla shared the photos on Twitter, and has since received 62,000 likes and 58,000 retweets.

But is it real? A good portion of the internet doesn't seem to think so.

Others pointed out that the air removal cream isn't as effective as it was on the girl's head.

Regardless of whether it's fake or not, the photograph was quickly picked up by other users...

This unique house in Clinton, Maryland will definitely surprise you with its exterior appearance. It looks like an ordinary brick house from the front, but once you’ve walked around the house you’ll notice its unusual and unique style right away. The house was literally built into the ground. Some like its outside look, others just hate it, but everyone can agree that it is quite nice and cozy inside.

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