This Is How You Know That Your Makeup Setting Spray Doesn’t Work (9 pics)

Twitter user @hellocojo has been in a car accident, thankfully, nothing serious. But she decided to share an amusing photo of her flawless makeup… that was got imprinted on the leather seat in front of her upon impact.

Bright side: She explained that luckily no one was hurt during the accident, but she thought the photo of her face print was funny and decided to share it

Aftermath: The Twitter user shared photos of her face print along with photos from the crash

Safe: Although the front of the car she was in was smashed, @hellocojo explained that thankfully no one was hurt

Unexpected surprise: The photo from inside the car sees an outline of her nose and cheekbones made up of her foundation while her lipstick left a perfect print of her lips

Having a laugh: She joked that her 'setting spray ain't stand a chance' after sharing the image

Laughing it off: While one Twitter user noted that she was glad she was okay, @hellocojo noted that her Becca and Makeup Forever products were wasted

More common than you think? A similar photo went viral after it was shared on Imgur last year