Odd But Cool Jobs That Make Good Money For A Comfortable Living (19 pics )

Beer Taster
Salary: $58,000
Make a great living by tasting all the new beers before they go on sale? Yes please.

Dog Surfing Instructor
Salary: $57 / hour
If you happen to be a great surfer, and can get the certifications required to teach dog surfing, you’re looking at a lot of money coming your way.

LEGO Sculptor
Salary: $35,000
Who needs to grow up when you’re able to make a good living doing what kids do?

Video Game Tester
Salary: $34,000

Try out all the new games and see if you can find any bugs or glitches, then report them back to the developers to fix.

Professional Sleeper
Salary: $32,000

Test out some of the worlds comfiest mattresses and get paid well to do it.

Resort Water Slide Tester
Salary: $22,000

Travel the world and stay at some of the nicest resorts on the globe. Test out their awesome slides and write a review on it. Simple. Amazing.

Luxury Travel Reviewer
Salary: $39,000

Travel across the globe and stay at some incredible places all while getting paid to do it. All you have to do is write some blogs and host some webisodes!

Island Caretaker
Salary: $82,000
You get to live on the islands of the Great Barrier Reef while filming your experience and writing some blogs for the world to see.

Chocolate Consultant
Salary: $39,000

You get to eat chocolate all day everyday. Not only that, you’re eating some of the best chocolate in the world!

Wildlife Caretaker
Salary: $45,000

Work with some amazing animals and get paid to do it.

Stunt Double
Salary: $45,000
If you love adrenaline, this is the job for you. Plus you get to be in movies and meet famous people!

Toy Designer
Salary: $45,000

Spend your days coming up with awesome ideas and concepts for toys, like an elf!

Food Stylist
Salary: $50,000

Make food look amazing and ready to be shown on TV to the world.

Ice Cream Tester
Salary: $39,000
Unlimited ice cream and some great pay. Oh yeah.

White Hat Hacker
Salary: $89,000
Fancy yourself a great hacker? Big corporations will pay you the big bucks to try and break into their systems in order to test out their security.

Wine Tester
Salary: $33,000

Travel to some great wine destinations and taste some great wine- all while getting paid.

Salary: $157,000

A pilot gets to travel all over the place for free, and control gigantic airplanes. Double win.

Movie Critic
Salary: $45,000
Watch movies and throw your opinion on them out there for everyone to see.

Voice Over Artist
Salary: $22 / hour
Not the highest paying job out there, but 22 bucks an hour to do some talking into a mic ain’t so bad.

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