When a seal offers you a penguin, you eat it.

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen went to Antarctica to photograph Leopard Seals

"My guy has a lot of experience with them said 'Bloody hell that's the biggest damn leopard seal I've ever seen, time to get in

"I swam up to this leopard seal, and right away she dropped the penguin"

"She opened her mouth and her head's twice as large as a grizzly bears head"

"She took my whole head and camera inside her mouth and did these threat displays"

"But then the most amazing thing happened, she went off and got me a live penguin"

"She kept letting these live penguins go and they would shoot past me and she would look disgusted as she would go by me"

"She realized I was this useless predator in her ocean, [...] she started to bring me weak penguins then dead penguins"

"Then she showed me how to eat the penguins and offered me partially consumed penguins

"She started to take penguins and actually to push them into my camera, I think she thought the camera was my mouth."
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