“The Office” Moments That Will Always Make Us Laugh (26 pics)

When Kevin stayed up all night to make his famous chili, but he dropped it on the ground.
When Creed wanted to collect everyone’s chairs.

When Michael listened to Lady Gaga but had no idea who it was.

“Dwight, you ignorant slut.”

When Prison Mike revealed the worst thing about jail.

When Jim imitated Dwight.

When Kevin said he knew what it was like to be in commercials because in high school they called him “Kool-Aid Man.”

I’m so sorry, Toby.

When Dwight had no idea who Justin Bieber was.

“Save Bandit!!!!”

And literally every part from Dwight’s fire drill.

When Kelly tricked Pam into wearing glasses full-time.

When Kevin tried setting Michael up with his friend, Wendy.

Asian Jim.

When Michael revealed his true feelings for Toby.

When Michael declared bankruptcy, but Oscar shut him down.

When Michael signed up for online dating.

When Phyllis and Kelly tried watching Glee.

When Jim questioned why Michael was eating ice cream for breakfast.

When we were all Stanley.

When Pam won her Dundie for having the whitest sneakers.

When Kelly got a special Valentine’s Day card.

When Michael drove into a lake because the GPS told him to.

When Darryl helped Michael learn new phrases, like “dinkin flicka.”

When Michael grilled his foot.

And, of course, when Michael hit Meredith with his car.

“The Office” Moments That Will Always Make Us Laugh (26 pics) “The Office” Moments That Will Always Make Us Laugh (26 pics)  Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 07:38 Rating: 5

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