SCARY Nighttime Encounter in ABANDONED 1920’s Apartment Building (15 Pics)

Have you ever come across an abandoned building and just get the feeling that something amazing could be inside? I do all the time. Taking risks and going places you aren’t supposed to is a great adrenaline rush. Now, I’m not trying to promote trespassing of any kind. I’m a responsible adult….sometimes. The excitement of the unknown is what drives many people’s curiosity when they decide to finally give urban exploring a try. Maybe you’ll see a ghost, or find an abandoned safe. It’s never the same thing twice though. You really don’t have any idea what you’re going to find or discover. Well that was the driving force behind a man named Dan Bell and his recent decision to explore an abandoned apartment complex. It started out as a simple urban exploration video, but turned into something much more life-threatening in mere moments. Check out the pictures and video he captured, and how this attempt at urban exploration was almost his last.