Abandoned Desert Prison

This is a broad look at the compound these two urban explorers found. It isn’t very big, but holds quite a bit in a small area. It definitely looks like its been abandoned for some time. That rocket type object on top of that wood structure is very weird though.

After walking around for a minute, they took a peek inside one of the buildings and discovered something pretty horrific. It was a homemade electric chair! The video took on a whole new vibe after they found this thing. It went from a simple exploration to “We might not want to be here” really quick.

The chair had straps attached to the wooden frame, and they were definitely used to tie people down to the chair There is a head-piece sitting in the chair that you can slightly see. It looks like it was used to administer the electric shock. This place definitely gives off the serial killer hangout type of vibe most people would have run from immediately.

This is the circuit board that the headset is attached too. It is broken now, but at one time it could have been used to send an electric current to the headset, causing a painful shock to the unfortunate victim. Secret government torture is what first comes to my mind when I see this. However, I feel they would have chosen a better location and had more elaborate equipment.

This control unit of some kind was found outside the building with the chair inside. In the video they refer to it as “alien”, that seems pretty far-fetched though. It is clearly man-made and had some purpose that someone could figure out with enough time. It was possibly used to control the surveillance system for the compound if it was ever actually inhabited.

They walked around the compound a little bit more and found another building they decided to investigate. it’s definitely taken a beating and looks like it could collapse at any moment.

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