33 People Who Prove The World Isn’t So Broken After All

1. Sometimes when you see a person in need, you realize you can help them right that moment. This man decided to give this person in need his own shoes.

2. This motorcyclist pulled over just to help another person cross the street safely.

3. At first this looks like a very random barber shop. But no, it’s so much more. This barber gives haircuts to the needy. The only payment he asks for in return is a hug.

4. This police officer handcuffed himself to a woman on the verge of suicide, to show that he was there for her and she would not be jumping that day.

5. Rugby player, Brian O’Driscoll, visited a children’s hospital showing his trophy to little kids. This little girl looks VERY excited to see him!

6. Concert goers lift this man in a wheelchair allowing him to crowd surf and get a great view of the show.

7. This would be one of the worst times for your card to be declined. Traveling is already stressful enough. But I’m sure this helped at least a little bit.

8. I will have to keep this in mind the next time we get a big rain storm and I see a bike that was ridden to work that day.

9. Opposing members of a team help an injured player cross home plate by carrying her when she could no longer walk.

10. This would certainly give people the confidence boost they need to nail that job interview!

11. They just saved this person from a parking ticket. That would make anyone’s day!

12. This man is helping an elderly lady down the stairs with her dog. So sweet.

13. This is one day this little kid will NEVER forget!

14. So nice seeing people being rewarded for their good doings.

15. The look of pure joy and admiration on the cat owner’s face just shows how much this cat meant to her.

16. He just unleashed a whole new world of reading to this man.

17. This really is the worst. Nice that someone was considerate enough to start it again, rather than take the clothes out and use the dryer for themselves.

18. It seems like $0.29 is a small price to pay for unbreaking a little girl’s heart.

19. So thoughtful! My daughter drew a picture for our mailman, who she had never met. The next day he delivered a picture that he drew for her. It was the sweetest thing!

20. This would definitely brighten anyone’s day.

21. This may be the best veterinary office ever.
22. That would be terrible to come out to. So nice that Gilligan noticed and helped out his neighbor.

23. This is a pretty funny ad. It’s nice of them to take the time to attempt to find the rightful owner.

24. Wow! I don’t know anyone that would go out of their way to do this.

25. OMG! This is just way too sweet.

26. I watched this game because I heard that the San Jose Sharks were doing this. It was so touching and I’m sure it made Sam’s year!

27. How cool is this for such a deserving young man?

28. Paramedics certainly are not paid enough, especially when they do things like this all the time.

29. This is a great way to continue the amazing memory of your pet.

30. Even though this is a small gesture, I bet it was a relief not having to tie his shoe at least this one time.

31. WOW!!!! Tires can be very expensive.

32. They could have gone to town with his wallet, but they were nice enough to go out of their way to do this.

33. That will definitely help her take the trip she’s always dreamed of.

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