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Fox Producer Shares President Trump’s Reaction to DA Bragg in the Courtroom “Trump Definitely Glared at Bragg When He Left”

  President Trump returned to New York City this week for arraignment in the Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg’s junk felony charges.  The charges...

 President Trump returned to New York City this week for arraignment in the Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg’s junk felony charges.  The charges are so weak Bragg couldn’t even answer what the crime is in his political case against Trump.

On Tuesday, immediately after receiving the indictment, The Gateway Pundit analyzed the document. It is striking that in the charges, Bragg claims that President Trump made the accounting entries himself related to the case. No CEO in the world ,presiding over a billion-dollar company, is making entries in General Ledger or cutting checks.

  Bragg went through the Trump Organization’s ledger and charged him down the line per payment to Cohen. Every single payment to Michael Cohen was made in 2017 while Trump was president. Bragg’s office copied and pasted the same charge 34 times and just switched out the check or voucher number.

Despite the ridiculous charges, during the proceedings, Trump looked like a badass.

In an interview with Fox News producer Jake Gibson shared that as the proceedings were coming to a close, “former President Trump definitely glared at the DA Bragg when he left.”

“He seemed to get up, look around the room — because, you know, he walked in — Trump was the last to walk in the hearing.”

“And this was pretty intense. I mean, it’s not a huge room, but there’s probably 50 reporters in there. There were 15, 20, 25 law enforcement officials that were on the end of each row, so we couldn’t really see that well because they’re standing up in front so we can’t really see up there…what you really saw, well, was him enter the room and leave the room. There were Secret Service agents in there, there were the court police, there were just a lot of police in there. And they were very strict with the press.  You know, ‘We will kick you out of here, if we see a phone, we’ll kick you out.  People would try to sit up a little bit to look, ‘Sit down.’ It was very serious…  It was very intense in there.”

Watch at the 7:30 mark in the interview:

New York Judge Juan Merchan threatened President Trump with a gag order during Tuesday’s arraignment but did not impose one at this time.

According to Gibson, who shared Merchan’s comments regarding Trump’s social media posts, “‘I’m requesting that you don’t do that. It’s a request at this point, it’s not an order.’ That he not do things as might be looked at as inciting some type of violence, or having something that could end up with a protest where someone could be hurt. And he said he’s not going to impose a gag order now. The prosecution showed the judge the posts, they gave him printed copies of them, and he said, ‘If I see these again, if I get this passed to me again, I might have a different idea about this.’ This is how it works in a lot trials. Judges consider a gag order to be a pretty sever order, and so he didn’t seem like he wanted to go out there already on the first hearing on arraignment day and go that far.”

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