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Tucker Carlson Rips San Francisco Activist For Claiming ‘Structural Racism’ Causes Higher ‘Infant Mortality’

  Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted a San Francisco “activist” Wednesday for claiming that “structural racism” increases the “risk” of in...

 Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted a San Francisco “activist” Wednesday for claiming that “structural racism” increases the “risk” of infant mortality.

“Many people don’t realize this, but here in San Francisco, black and Pacific Islander women have significantly more risk of maternal mortality, infant mortality and pregnancy complications than other people, and people also don’t realize that this risk is primarily due to racism. Both structural racism, and the racism that birthing people and other people experience when they’re interacting with physicians and other medical providers,” the “mother healer and “activist,” identified only as Zea, said.

“So that is, every word of it, a racist lie, there is essentially no evidence that structural racism exists in this country against the community she’s talking about and none whatsoever that it causes higher infant mortality,” Carlson said. “There’s no science whatsoever, that’s just again, a racist lie, but more to the point, nobody who says birthing people should ever be in charge of handing out money to mothers, much less taxpayer’s money.”


Carlson also discussed the firing of San Francisco Elections Commission Director John Arntz, noting that the president of the elections commission said the reason for the firing was to act on the city’s “racial equity plan.” Arntz was later rehired after a backlash, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

“If you are the most vulnerable person in the community, you get a thousand dollars per month,” Carlson said after playing a video clip of a local news report discussing guaranteed income programs in San Francisco and other localities. “But that specifically does not include the homeless guy OD’ing in the park on fentanyl if he’s white. If he’s white, he can die because, if he is white, even if he is dying, he is by definition not vulnerable.”

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