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Detransitioner says doctors, trans community 'manipulated' her into irreversible double mastectomy: 'I didn't want to be a woman before I had ever even experienced being a woman'

  A detransitioning young woman accused the transgender community and health care professionals of "manipulating" and "love b...

 A detransitioning young woman accused the transgender community and health care professionals of "manipulating" and "love bombing" her into undergoing irreversible treatment, including testosterone injections and a double mastectomy, Fox News Digital reported.

In an interview with Independent Women's Forum, now 24-year-old Prisha Mosley explained that she started socially identifying as a boy at 15 following ongoing struggles with mental health. At 17 years old, Mosley began receiving testosterone injections, and immediately after her 18th birthday, she received “top surgery” to remove her breasts.

"I decided that I didn't want to be a woman before I had ever even experienced being a woman," Mosley said. "I had no idea what being a woman was like because I was a child. And now I feel like I will never entirely know."

According to Mosley, before being told she had gender dysphoria, she was diagnosed with anorexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, and depression.

At 15 years old, Mosley discovered the online trans community.

"The trans community really love bombed me," said Mosley. "When they really started celebrating the fact that I was born in the wrong body, I felt cared for, I felt loved. It was genuine love bombing. It was kindness over the top, all of the time."

According to Mosley's mother, Christine Bourgeois-Mosley, after attending a short "10- to 12-minute meeting" with a gender specialist, Mosley was recommended to receive testosterone and double mastectomy surgery.

"We were emotionally manipulated," stated Bourgeois-Mosley. "We weren't asked questions. We weren't referred to therapy. We weren't told anything other than, 'Here's a solution because she self-identifies as a boy, so go ahead and do it.'"

"We were told what to do or our child will die," she added. "You can't be more psychologically abused than that. We didn't want our kid to die."

When Mosley was approved for surgery, she also asked to receive liposuction, but the health care professionals denied her request.

"Liposuction is not a treatment for anorexia, but surgery is a treatment for gender dysphoria," stated Mosley.

"There are so many mental health disorders that make you hate your body," she noted. "And the solution isn't to change your body, it's to fix your brain."

Mosley explained that she had a change of heart about transitioning when she started receiving dialectical behavior therapy for her other mental health conditions. As soon as Mosley started questioning her decision to transition, the love-bombing from the trans community turned into hate, she stated.

The “gender-affirming treatment" caused several permanent health problems for Mosley.

"I lost my voice. I lost my chest. I don't know if I'm going to be able to have kids," Mosley stated. "They really made me into a lifelong medical patient."

"The trans community tells you to kill your old self. It's your dead name," she said. "I literally feel like I killed a child, and it was me."

By speaking out about her experience, Mosley hopes to encourage young people to seek mental health treatment before deciding to undergo drastic and permanent surgeries.

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