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Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Releases Statement On Shameful Democrat Katie Hobbs’ Racist Past: “This Latest Bombshell Is Beyond The Pale”

  Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari lake has released a statement on the latest revelation of Katie Hobbs’ racist behaviors....


Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari lake has released a statement on the latest revelation of Katie Hobbs’ racist behaviors.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier, Katie Hobbs, a twice-convicted racist, embraced slavery in high school.

As a student leader, she led her school’s ‘slave day’ where students dragged other students by collar and chain to be ‘auctioned off’ at slave auctions.

It appears that some of the ‘slaves’ were even forced to wear blackface. 

As we reported, Hobbs was later convicted by two separate juries of racial discrimination against a black woman and former Arizona Senate staffer when she was the Senate Minority Leader.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Talonya Adams, the victim, called on Hobbs to resign from office and drop out of the race for governor, saying Hobbs fits the dictionary definition of a racist and “She has no place in government.”


In addition to this, The Gateway Pundit reported that Katie Hobbs recently appeared at a Hispanic gubernatorial forum where she struggled and fumbled her words when asked to name one good thing about the Hispanic community in Arizona. 

This shows that Katie Hobbs was a racist in high school, and nothing has changed since.

Kari lake released the following statement today, denouncing Hobbs’ record of racism and demanding she take accountability and explain herself.

Katie Hobbs still has not agreed to debate Kari Lake on October 12.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 10th, 2022

Kari Lake Statement on Katie Hobbs’ Racist Yearbook Bombshell
Kari Lake released the following statement on Katie Hobbs’ racist yearbook bombshell as reported by the Daily Mail:
“Katie Hobbs’ record of racism, which already cost Arizona taxpayers $2.75 million after she was twice convicted of racist behavior, goes back to high school. The same Katie Hobbs who paid a woman-of-color $30,000 less than her white male counterparts also thought it appropriate to get involved in a cringe-inducing, racist ‘Slave Day’ and disgustingly celebrated it in her yearbook. And just last week, when Hobbs was asked in a forum to name one positive thing about the Latino community, she could not come up with an answer. This is a clear disappointing and alarming pattern, but this latest bombshell is beyond the pale. Silence and hiding won’t cut it on this one. Katie Hobbs owes it to every Arizonan to come out of hiding and finally take accountability for her troubling record of racism – and if Katie Hobbs won’t come out of hiding to explain herself, then the media owes it to the people of Arizona to find her.”

Many in Arizona do not know about Hobbs’ racist actions because the Fake News Media refuses to cover it.

Katie Hobbs must explain herself to the people of Arizona and debate Kari Lake.

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