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Switzerland plasters posters at transit stops urging residents to “rat out your neighbor” for violating new energy restrictions

    To encourage compliance with the country’s new strict energy dictates, some entity in Switzerland – the government claims it is not invo...

  To encourage compliance with the country’s new strict energy dictates, some entity in Switzerland – the government claims it is not involved – is blanketing the nation with posters calling on residents to rat out their neighbors for “overheating” their homes and committing other energy “crimes” this winter.

As we reported the other day, the Swiss government is threatening to fine and even jail the Swiss people for turning up their thermostats “too high,” or for heating their swimming pools and saunas in violation of the government’s prohibition on energy usage this winter. The new posters apparently aim to enforce these new restrictions through snitching.

Western sanctions against Russia have indeed created a very serious problem for much of Europe, which has decided to stop buying Russian energy as an affront to Vladimir Putin. The result, though, will be the total decimation of Europe’s economy, not to mention the hordes of freezing Europeans who might not even make it to next spring.

“Does the neighbor heat the apartment to over 19 degrees? Please inform us,” reads an English translation of one of the poster concepts spotted at a transit station.

Nineteen degrees, in this context, means Celsius. For our American readers, that translates to a 66.2-degree cap using our numerical system, a fairly low indoor temperature that for some will require wearing extra layers of clothing inside the house during the colder months.

Swiss government denies all involvement with poster campaign

In a statement, Swiss Energy Department official Simone Hug stressed that the poster campaign was not launched by the government – though we wonder: who is responsible, then?


“There are no such federal posters, nor do we call for people to be exposed,” Hug said, adding that the Swiss government is currently in the process of investigating who is behind the posters.

According to Hug, the posters do not even exist, and images suggesting otherwise are just a “meme” that someone created using a blank template. Others, though, say that the posters are real.

Either way, the Swiss government has decided to criminalize the “overuse” of energy, which is clearly part of the globalists’ playbook for the “Great Reset.” By depriving Western nations of energy, the globalists are starving out entire Western economies.

Putin, meanwhile, is probably laughing his way to the bank as Western sanctions have done next to nothing to hurt the Russian economy, comparatively speaking.

Even if the posters are fake, Economic Minister Guy Parmelin has stated that the Swiss government itself is planning to be the biggest snitch of all with random spot checks that will be used to force compliance with the new dictates.

A spokesperson told Blick that the message behind the posters, real other otherwise, is still true.

“If the infringement was reported and checked and could then be proven,” action could be taken against violators, the spokesperson told the media.

“Precisely, checks are not excluded, especially if one is denounced by a disgruntled neighbor or a neighborhood vigilante who is a little too zealous,” this person added. “In these cases, whoever heats up to 20 degrees instead of 19 can expect a fine.”

“If a complaint is filed in this direction, the police must act,” added the director of the Swiss police.

In the comments, someone summed up this latest fiasco and the government’s doublespeak as follows:

“‘It’s fake, but if you do it, we will start enforcement action against violators.’ So which part of it is fake then? The owner of the ad doesn’t matter if the content is true.”

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