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‘Obey Our Cisgender Ally Overlord’: Jameela Jamil Gets Attacked For Misgendering Twitter User, Not Apologizing

  Avowed Leftist  Jameela Jamil  got in big trouble with trans activists when she refused to accept responsibility for  misgendering  someon...

 Avowed Leftist Jameela Jamil got in big trouble with trans activists when she refused to accept responsibility for misgendering someone on Twitter.

It all started when the actress got into an argument with someone and then called them a woman in her response, even though that person identified as non-binary. Jamil issued a non-apology, saying sorry but also placing blame on the Twitter user for not clearly indicating preferred pronouns.

“I accidentally misgendered someone who was rude to me on here because I did not know they were NB. I instantly corrected myself but NOBODY reads your bios people. *PLEASE* include your pronouns in your name on here to prevent misunderstandings/offense if it’s important to you,” Jamil shared of the incident. 

In a follow-up, she continued, “OBVIOUSLY sorry for making this innocent mistake. But if we don’t do more to prevent this mistake it will likely keep happening, which is bad for everyone. Put pronouns in your names. I’ve just done that with mine. It took two seconds.”

Followers were not happy with Jamil “centering” the argument on herself and blaming the non-binary person for her mistake. 

“Instead of just SAYING sorry and promising to do better – you’re asking trans folks to do extra work so you don’t HAVE to?” one person replied. “THis is just gross, and I’ve been a fan for years. Do the actual work instead of blaming others. We ALL check bios, that you didn’t is on YOU.”

“Dear trans people: Jameela Jamil has issued a decree on how not to be misgendered. Let us all now obey our cisgender ally overlord,” another fan said

Even people who support the trans movement and preferred pronouns were surprised at the ferocity of reactions on Jamil’s feed.

“The anger on show in this thread is incredible. Proof of what a regressive and vicious movement this has become. It is notable how women, even allies, catch so much heat even for minor disagreements and innocent mistakes,” one person mused

In 2020, Jamil took heat for becoming a judge on the show “Legendary,” which focused on the “predominately black and Latinx subculture of drag balls in the LGBT community.” The Daily Wire reported that the actress announced she was queer just one day after getting called out for appearing on the show. 

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