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‘His Family Loved Him’: Bill Clinton Breaks His Silence On Ken Starr’s Death With Awkward Reaction

  Former President Bill Clinton addressed the death of former prosecutor Ken Starr on Sunday in an awkward reaction. Starr died a week ago a...

 Former President Bill Clinton addressed the death of former prosecutor Ken Starr on Sunday in an awkward reaction.

Starr died a week ago at the age of 76. The attorney was known for leading the investigations into Whitewater and Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

“[Starr] never filed a charge on Whitewater but put your presidency, your second term, upside down,” CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said to Clinton. “Do you have any thoughts? Any reflection?”

“Well, I read the obituary, and I realized that his family loved him,” Clinton said. “And I think that’s something to be grateful for, and when your life is over, that’s all there is to say. But I was taught not to talk about the people that — I have nothing to say.”

Lewinsky, a former White House intern whose affair with Clinton became public during his presidency, offered her own response to Starr’s death last week in a Twitter post.

“As I’m sure many can understand, my thoughts about Ken Starr bring up complicated feelings,” Lewinsky wrote. “But of more importance, is that i imagine it’s a painful loss for those who love him.”

Lewinsky later became the executive producer of the 2021 HBO Max documentary “15 Minutes of Shame,” which investigated America’s culture of public shaming. She also served as a producer for “American Crime Story: Impeachment” on FX, which highlighted her relationship with the former president detailed in the Starr Report.

The 1998 Starr Report was a document presented by the attorney to Congress that included sensitive details regarding the relationship between Clinton and Lewinsky and argued for the president’s impeachment. Clinton was later impeached but acquitted by the Senate.

In 2020, Starr served on former President Donald Trump’s legal team during his first impeachment trial. The attorney argued against Trump’s impeachment based on allegations of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

“Instead of a once-in-a-century phenomenon, which it had been, presidential impeachment has become a weapon to be wielded against one’s political opponent,” Starr told the Senate during his words on behalf of Trump.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, Starr died in Houston at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center of complications from surgery, according to a statement from his family.

“We are deeply saddened with the loss of our dear and loving Father and Grandfather, whom we admired for his prodigious work ethic, but who always put his family first,” Starr’s son Randall said.

“The love, energy, endearing sense of humor, and fun-loving interest Dad exhibited to each of us was truly special, and we cherish the many wonderful memories we were able to experience with him. He is now with his Lord and Savior,” he added.

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