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The Right Was Blamed for the Murder of 4 Muslim Men in New Mexico - Then the Suspect's Identity Was Revealed

  This week a story about the murders of several Muslim men broke that was immediately blamed on Islamophobia and white supremacy, but once ...

 This week a story about the murders of several Muslim men broke that was immediately blamed on Islamophobia and white supremacy, but once the facts finally came out it completely upended the left’s narrative of finger-pointing and blame.

Since November, several Muslim men have been murdered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and after the third, officials began worrying that the town had been best by a serial killer of Muslims, according to the New York Times.

After a fourth man turned up dead, President Joe Biden jumped into the mix to call the murders “hateful attacks” that “have no place in America.”

Clearly, Biden was stoking the flames of “racist attackers” who he claimed were attacking Muslim men. And his adoring public caught that cue and ran with it.

But this week, more news broke about these murders. It turns out that the man authorities think is responsible for these murders is another Muslim.

The alleged killer, the Albuquerque police said, is a Sunni Muslim who may have become incensed that his daughter married outside his faith.

Police have named Muhammad Syed, a 51-year-old Albuquerque resident, as the perpetrator the Daily Mail reported.

Syed is an immigrant from Afghanistan and his victims were Afghan and Pakistani immigrants.

Reuters even seemed to take a poke at those accusing white supremacists for the murders.

“After days bolstering security around Albuquerque-area mosques, seeking to allay fears of a shooter driven by anti-Muslim hate, police said on Tuesday they had arrested 51-year-old Muhammad Syed, one among the city’s Islamic immigrant community,” Reuters reported when authorities unveiled their suspect.

Deputy Commander Kyle Hartsock of the Albuquerque Police Department told reporters that religion may have played a part in the murders. “But we’re not really clear if that was the actual motive, or if it was part of a motive, or if there is just a bigger picture that we’re missing,” he said to reporters’ questions.

Prosecutors added that Syed was charged with the homicides of Aftab Hussein, 41, and Muhammed Afzaal Hussain, 27, who were killed on July 26 and Aug. 1.

The charges were leveled after a police investigation found evidence in his home linking Syed to the crimes. It appears that more charges will be forthcoming.

These murders are a terrible crime, no matter who does it, granted. But once again, we see that the left uses every incident under the sun to push its political agenda and refusing to wait for facts.

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