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Will Tucker Ever Run for President? Carlson Visits Key Electoral State, Gives New Answer We've Never Heard Before

In the past, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has always said he would never run for president. As recently as early July, Carlson  said as much...

In the past, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has always said he would never run for president.

As recently as early July, Carlson said as much, adding “I’ve never been motivated by the power to control people.”

Then, on Friday, something changed.

For perhaps the first time, when asked if he would run for president, Carlson would not give a definitive “no.”

Here was his response.

During a panel at The Family Leadership Summitt in Des Moines Iowa, Tucker was asked point blank if he would run in 2024.

“When you come back to next year’s summit, will you be the Fox News TV host interviewing potential presidential hopefuls, or will you be a presidential hopeful?” the interviewer asked.

“God knows what the future holds,” Carlson answered.

The Fox News host then elaborated on what he believes to be the biggest problems faced by the country currently.

“The people I’m maddest at in the world are the people who don’t do their duty and leave the vulnerable exposed,” he said.

“It’s the dad who leaves his kids — that’s a guy, I’d just like to punch him in the face. I mean it because that’s your duty. Those are your children, and you left. You don’t care about them.”

“That’s the most basic violation there is. It’s not what the enemy does to you; it’s what people charged with ensuring your welfare do to you.”

It was at this moment that Tucker revealed, in this metaphor, the absentee father represented leaders in the Republican Party.

“There’s a reason that Republican voters chose Trump,” Carlson said.

“The average Republican voter is not represented in a meaningful way by his or her leaders in Washington, and I cannot stress that enough.”

Perhaps this is Tucker explaining why he may eventually be forced to throw his hat into the ring for president.

Regardless, it appears that his current plans are to continue course as normal.

“I have every intention of staying in the job that I’m blessed to have, but I’m going to keep hammering that, not because I want to weaken the Republican Party, no, because the Republican Party is our only option. That’s it,” he said. 

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