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It Took 70 People to Make This: Biden Brags About Tiny Gas Savings in Tweet with Embarrassing Mistake

  President Joe Biden is bragging now that gas prices are down from record highs. He is not, however, bragging that his staff is terribly ef...

 President Joe Biden is bragging now that gas prices are down from record highs. He is not, however, bragging that his staff is terribly efficient.

As CNN reported last month, the Biden administration has “over 70 people on staff who help create” digital content. Not one of them, apparently, knows how to run spell check.

In a widely mocked tweet touting a slight lowering in gas prices on Monday, Biden’s crack team didn’t realize that the word “person” was misspelled in an infographic.

The tweet Monday itself was nothing new, as Biden had spent the weekend bragging about the fact that gas had retreated somewhat from record highs.

Tone-deaf though those tweets may have been — gas is still up over 80 percent per gallon since Biden became president — at least they didn’t contain any misspellings.

His team wasn’t so lucky with a Monday tweet that contained an infographic stating that, with lower gas prices, “the average driver will spend $35 less per month for one peson [sic].”

Oh, and did Twitter users have some fun with this.

And, as some pointed out, this was hardly the only misspelling of this kind that’s happened on the administration’s watch — like this one where the “i” was left out of “Louisiana” in a sign behind Vice President Kamala Harris when she visited the Bayou State earlier this month.

But, more importantly, several pointed out the flaw in Biden’s bragging:

Gas prices are still way up, of course; they’ve just gone from cataclysmic to merely astronomical. If this is what the president sees fit to brag about, the only problem isn’t with misspellings.

And, keep in mind, there are over 70 people working on Biden’s digital content, White House spokesman Andrew Bates told CNN in June.

Of course, it’s unlikely that all three-score and 10 were involved in this particular Twitter post, but the fact is, with that size of staff, Biden’s digital communications should be as flawless as his policies are disastrous. All 70 in the shop should be considered responsible for that.

“The president has a well-rounded strategy that combines putting unprecedented resources into digital engagement, speeches that provide many of his most powerful moments, and person-to-person interactions that showcase important qualities like his empathy,” Bates said. 

If only they could showcase spelling and spell-check skills, and maybe some respect for the intelligence of the American people.

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