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Homeless Camp Reappears in Los Angeles Neighborhood as Soon as Hunter Biden Takes Away His Security

  American democracy, or oligarchy? Residents of a Los Angeles neighborhood say their community has been overrun with homeless encampments e...

 American democracy, or oligarchy?

Residents of a Los Angeles neighborhood say their community has been overrun with homeless encampments ever since Hunter Biden pulled his personal Secret Service detail.

Biden moved out of a $20,000 rental house in the Malibu neighborhood earlier this year, according to the Daily Mail. He had moved into the exclusive property just last year, after previously living in a Venice neighborhood.

Residents of the Venice community said that their community had been largely spared from the homelessness that has come to define California, while Biden lived there with his Secret Service detail. But homeless tents and camps reappeared when he moved to Malibu.

A Venice community member interviewed by the Daily Mail described how the neighborhood transformed when Hunter left.

“When Hunter moved into the neighborhood, his street was immediately cleared of the homeless. The minute he moved up to Malibu, his old street in Venice became a tent city,” Venice residence Ann McElhinney said.

“How is this fair to Venice homeowners?”

“It just shows how the Bidens truly live a different life from the rest of us.”

Photos obtained by the Daily Mail showed the streets of Hunter’s old neighborhood filled with homeless tents.

Los Angeles has a large number of homeless residents, while tourists to the city are shocked to witness the inequality one might expect in a developing third-world country.

Biden seemed to have spared himself from exposure to this, merely through his blood connection to the president.

It’s not exactly clear how the Secret Service kept homeless tents out of the neighborhood when Hunter lived there.

Urban camping is illegal in Los Angeles, but law enforcement has struggled to enforce quality-of-life ordinances.

When Hunter moved to Malibu, the Secret Service rented a $30,000-a-month next door to the younger Biden, raising questions about the expenses Hunter inflicted on the taxpayer.

It’s not clear where Hunter lives after leaving the luxury Malibu mansion recently.

Hunter Biden’s ex-wife has accused him of living well above his means, causing financial distress to their family.

Materials from the laptop Hunter abandoned paint a picture of the President’s son enriching himself through a series of business deals with international companies while his father was Vice President.

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