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After Fox Personality's Brother Killed in Chicago, Host Goes to War Against Lightfoot Personally While On-Air

  Chicago’s political leaders have left the city’s people leaderless, Fox News host Lawrence Jones declared on Saturday. Jones partners on F...

 Chicago’s political leaders have left the city’s people leaderless, Fox News host Lawrence Jones declared on Saturday.

Jones partners on Fox with Gianno Caldwell, whose younger brother, Christian, 18, was the victim of a fatal shooting in June — just one of the dead in the epidemic of bloody anarchy in the Windy City.

Over Chicago’s Fourth of July weekend, eight people were shot to death and 68 wounded, according to CNN.

In biting commentary Saturday on “Lawrence Jones Cross Country,” Jones said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and State’s Attorney Kim Foxx bear a chunk of the blame:

“What’s going on in Chicago right now is unacceptable and everybody knows it. Families deserve answers and they deserve action,” he said.

He said those who should be solving the city’s problems are ignoring the bloodshed — and he called out Lightfoot personally.

“Unfortunately, the city’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is preparing to flee the scene of the crime. Lightfoot is spending her city’s taxpayer funds to travel to London and Paris to promote the economic prosperity of her state. But the mayor doesn’t understand there is no pursuit of happiness without life.

“Meanwhile, the county D.A., Kim Foxx, may have a domestic violence case,” he said.

Jones noted that the issue is not race, because Lightfoot and Fox, like him, are black.

“We are being let down by people that look like us, that say they care about us. But when we need a hero, they are nowhere to be found unless it’s election time. These kids that are being slaughtered every day won’t get the chance to vote. So the big question is: When will it end?’ he said.

In an interview with Jones on Saturday, the day of Christian Caldwell’s funeral, Caldwell said his brother is not alone, according to Fox News.

“My baby brother Christian didn’t deserve this. Not at all. But there are countless victims in Chicago who also don’t deserve this. Who, we don’t even know their names. I’m only here talking to you, and as much as I love you, brother, I would rather not be in front of this camera, right in front of the church that we’re going to bury my baby brother,” he said.

“But I’m still praying. Believe in God for justice, because I know the guy that I serve is a God of justice, a 100 percent,” he said.

Caldwell said even in grief, the fight must go on to save those who have not yet been slaughtered.

“I want to say, for those who may want justice for their families as well. Keep fighting. The fight never ends until you get it. So keep fighting, keep persevering. Keep working towards that because there is hope. And I’m here knowing that there is hope and that there will be justice for my baby brother,” he said.

In his eulogy for his brother, he said the injustice of innocent victims dying must end, according to Fox News.

“Knowing that my baby brother Christian was murdered, and certainly not the intended target, is an injustice that we’re rallying against,” Caldwell said. “We’re also thinking about those who we don’t know their names. The hundreds of people who are murdered in Chicago on a yearly basis. Those folks deserve justice, as well.”

“The flame has been ignited in me to ensure that the people of Chicago — brothers and sisters who are losing their lives — have a voice, have a platform. And they can hear and be heard. The police say Christian was in the wrong place at the wrong time. How many [times] have we heard that story?”

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