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Video: Delta passenger kicked off flight over 'F*** Biden' hoodie, threatened with being placed on airline's no-fly list

  A Delta Airlines passenger recorded video of an airline official kicking him off his flight and threatening him with being placed on the a...

 A Delta Airlines passenger recorded video of an airline official kicking him off his flight and threatening him with being placed on the airline's no-fly list if he didn't comply.

Why? Because he was wearing a "F*** Biden" hoodie. And the Delta official also pointed out that he wasn't wearing a mask — but the hoodie took center stage in videos the passenger posted to TikTok.

What are the details?

In the first clip from @Jauneil51603 — he identifies himself as Jauneil Brooks in a subsequent clip — the airline official tells him she spoke to "corporate security" and that if he doesn't leave the plane with his "F*** Biden" hoodie turned inside out, she would have to deplane all the passengers. She adds that the decision is based on Delta "policy" and that "you cannot wear it."

The airline official adds to Brooks that he also would be placed on the "no-fly list" if he doesn't comply.

He then tells the Delta official that he needs to see the policy for himself, and she replies that they could look at the policy on a computer in the jetway. He then argues that he has the right to express himself under the First Amendment.

It isn't clear on what date the interaction took place, but Brooks posted the first clip on Wednesday.

Content warning: Profanity on hoodie visible in video:

In a second video, Brooks is standing in what appears to be the front of the plane, and he takes off his "F*** Biden" hoodie.

"You guys force me to wear my mask, I don't wanna wear it; I can't wear my hoodie. It's off," he says in the second clip. "I'm gonna go sit down. ... Whatever you guys ... say to me ... will be recorded, and you guys can get sued."

In a third video, Brooks is sitting in his seat again without his "F*** Biden" hoodie visible, but the Delta official tells him the captain wants him off the plane anyway — this time she says it's because he hadn't been wearing his mask.

"This is what's wrong with our country," Brooks says as he departs the plane.

@jauneil51603 I took off the hoodie and still got kicked off #delta #thepeoplesconvoy #wethepeople ♬ original sound - Jauneil51603

In a fourth video, Brooks walks through the jetway with his "F*** Biden" hoodie back on and speaks to the airline official who kicked him off the flight. He asks for his luggage under the plane, and he's told it would end up in Los Angeles, which is his final destination. He asks for the airline official's name and badge number, but she only tells him her first name.

Content warning: Profanity on hoodie visible in video:

In a fifth clip, a different airline official speaks to Brooks by an airport gate. She tells Brooks he was wearing an "obscene shirt" and that he "refused to remove it" and that he wasn't "being compliant with your mask."

Brooks argues that he did take off his hoodie and put on his mask and that proof is on video. The airline official is unsympathetic and simply tells Brooks that Delta has canceled his ticket and that he'd be refunded.

Content warning: Profanity on hoodie visible in video:

@jauneil51603 Because they didn’t like my hoodie they kicked me off the plane . #wethepeople #trump2024 #FJB #LGB #delta #deltairlines ♬ original sound - Jauneil51603

What did Delta have to say?

Delta Airlines on Thursday offered the following statement to TheBlaze: “Delta has long prohibited customers from displaying profane or derogatory words or images, and our expectation is for customers and our people to treat each other with dignity and respect, always. Nothing is more important than a safe, civil travel experience for all. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience caused by the briefly delayed departure.”

While Libs of TikTok indicated it had chatted with a Delta rep who said passengers can wear whatever they want, Delta's "Contract of Carriage" for U.S. Travel; "Rule 7: Refusal to Transport"; "E) Passenger’s Conduct or Condition" states that "Delta may refuse to transport or may remove passengers from its aircraft ... When the passenger’s conduct, attire, hygiene or odor creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers."

Anything else?

Delta, like numerous airlines, has been in the news quite a bit over the last few years with regard to difficulties between flight crews and passengers:

  • Just last month Delta chief executive Ed Bastian said he wanted the U.S. government to place passengers convicted of onboard disruptions on a national "no-fly" list that would bar them from future travel on any commercial airline, Reuters reported.
  • Also in February a black passenger was asked to move to the back of a Delta flight in a story that was reported the world over. But the National Review looked into the matter a bit more deeply and spoke to a Delta employee with knowledge of the situation who said race wasn't an issue and that a number of tidbits were left out of initial reports.
  • In January 2021, Delta banned passengers for life who chanted “traitor” at Utah Sen. Mitt Romney during a flight, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.
  • Back in 2017 Delta passengers tried to sing the national anthem for a fallen soldier, but a flight attendant reportedly shut down the idea over airline policy.
  • And shortly after former President Donald Trump was elected in 2016, Delta banned for life a disruptive passenger who shouted pro-Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton remarks at fellow passengers on a flight, the New York Times reported.

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