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Pelosi Holds Incoherent Train Wreck of a News Conference, Shows Why America Needs New Leadership

  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi inadvertently conducted a one-woman argument to enact term limits on members of Congress during her news confer...

 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi inadvertently conducted a one-woman argument to enact term limits on members of Congress during her news conference last week, raised serious questions about her own mental competence, and generally embarrassed the United States on the world stage.

But what else is new?

Pelosi’s March 9 news conference was clearly intended to send a strong message of intimidation to Russian President Vladimir Putin — about whom she had some very choice words — as well as stress the United States’ commitment to supporting Ukraine militarily against invading Russian forces and holding Russia accountable economically for its actions. 

Unfortunately, the elderly lawmaker failed to convey either intimidation or strength as she stumbled through her remarks.

Now, it might sound cruel to mock an 81-year-old woman’s slurring, stuttering, garbled speech. And if Pelosi were just any 81-year-old woman, I certainly wouldn’t.


But she’s simply not just any 81-year-old woman. She’s the third-highest-ranking elected official in the federal government, and she holds that post at a time when, as she herself emphatically stated, our nation could be on the brink of World War III.

So, it’s highly concerning that she is displaying so much difficulty talking in public. 

Throughout the disastrous presser — which, to be clear, wasn’t out of character for the speaker — Pelosi appeared to demonstrate that she really, really doesn’t seem to be up for the job for which she’s been elected by her party … and it’s hard not to think that voters will likely agree in November.

It can all be seen here:

For example, at one point (the 10:26 mark in the video above), she used “G-O-plan” to refer to a Republican senator’s tax proposal.

Shortly after that, she noted that it was a “busy day,” as the government started celebrating women “because … month,” before going on to fumblingly explain that March is Women’s History Month.

“We started celebrating that ‘when women succeed, America succeeds,’ because … month is Women’s History Month, that March is Women’s History Month,” the first female speaker in history garbled. 

At another point (the 12:56 mark), when asked about a House bill to ban Russian energy imports, Pelosi eloquently replied, “I don’t think they’re … we have strong bipartisan support for the legislation. We want to even do more. We want to do Most Favored Nation … well, now called, what is it called? Normal Trade Relations … and stuff.”

But the most spectacularly disconnected stuff came when she was angrily denouncing the Russian leader.


“The beast that is Putin,” she said (about the 21:09 mark), “is just destroying civilian areas, hospitals, striving to put out, what do you call it? Nuclear, nuclear facilities that are the source of electricity in the country.”

She really said, “what do you call it?” 

Reading the official speaker’s office transcript of the presser is almost as painful as cringing through the actual news conference, and I sincerely pity the dedicated staffer responsible for putting this dumpster fire to paper and combing through all of Pelosi’s stuttering nonsense.

One particularly painful section of her comments, however, featured wild, dramatic hand gestures, including a strange choking motion when she mentioned Putin, as well as her own personal take on which weaponry might be best suited for use against the long trains of Russian tanks that Pelosi shared a distinct desire “take out.”

“I think that aircr… that having more planes might be useful,” she said. “But that, I’m not … a military strategist.” 

Careful you don’t get a kink in your neck cringing at this gem:


Pelosi’s presser performance is just the icing on the cake when it comes to the current government’s glorious failings across the board. 

President Joe Biden is his usual, sleepy, confused, incoherent self as he blames Putin for rising gas prices and spouts off his own frequent volley of garbled gaffes.

Vice President Kamala Harris, whom the Biden administration determined was the best person to send to Europe to see what could be done, keeps forgetting that Ukraine isn’t in NATO, which is kind of the whole point of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and why the U.S. isn’t obligated to send more aid to begin with.

Former President Donald Trump once ran on a promise to drain the swamp of D.C., but with his exit from Washington, and with the midterm elections looming on the horizon, it appears that Democrats might just drive the American people to drain it themselves at this rate.

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