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Putin Must Be Laughing: Biden Slurs His Words, Speaks Nonsense During Update on Russia and Ukraine

  President Joe Biden picked a really bad day to issue yet another volley of garbled, incoherent half-sentences as he attempts to face down ...

 President Joe Biden picked a really bad day to issue yet another volley of garbled, incoherent half-sentences as he attempts to face down the world’s biggest thug, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Tuesday, Biden gave remarks on the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine and announced new sanctions against the former nation after it recognized two Ukrainian separatist states.

This was a critical moment for the Biden administration, which was marred with bipartisan criticism over its handling of the Afghan crisis last year and has so far done very little to counter Putin’s encroachments into the former Soviet state.

Biden’s comments, on paper, were firm and provocative, accusing Putin of orchestrating an “invasion” of Ukraine and criticizing the Russian leader’s “bizarre” claims regarding Ukrainian sovereignty.

Let’s hope Putin wasn’t watching Biden’s remarks live, however, as the firmness of the speech was undermined by its disastrous execution.


To say Biden’s delivery of these remarks was cringeworthy would be a generous understatement.

The most decisive moment of the whole affair was when he walked away from the podium without taking any questions from reporters.

To be fair, watching him attempt to ad-lib after that dumpster fire of a speech would likely only have given Putin and his cronies even more cause to laugh.

I’m sure they’re still chuckling at the memory of Biden’s 2020 tweet boasting that he was the candidate Putin didn’t want to be elected.

What’s pathetic is that it was Biden who spearheaded Ukrainian diplomacy for the Obama administration in 2014 when Russia invaded Crimea. Is it any wonder that after years of relative calm, Russia’s saber-rattling in these disputed regions resumed almost the instant Biden took office?

After all, Putin didn’t need today’s embarrassing word salad to know that our 46th president is hardly a formidable foe. Biden routinely delivers remarks in this fashion.

Check out some similar moments, pulled at random from an ever-increasing pool of cringeworthy Biden gaffes:

Not only is this the guy we’re supposed to believe is going to keep the world safe from World War III, but he also seems determined to start World War III with his mumbling fighting words issued Putin-ward.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting increasingly concerned about the security of our nation, and the globe at large, the longer Biden has access to the nuclear codes and the task of leading the free world.

I can, however, confidently say that Vladimir Putin is one person who doesn’t feel the least bit nervous about Biden’s presence in the White House.

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