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Mayor of Kyiv Defiant as Capital Is Encircled: Russians Face an Entrenched Force of Determined Patriots

  San Antonio, Texas, is a long way from Kyiv, Ukraine, but the spirit of the Alamo was alive and kicking Sunday in the battered Ukrainian c...

 San Antonio, Texas, is a long way from Kyiv, Ukraine, but the spirit of the Alamo was alive and kicking Sunday in the battered Ukrainian city that is now surrounded by Russian troops.

When asked during an interview about evacuation plans, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko admitted Sunday that the war for his city is one with no escape.

“We can’t do that because all ways are blocked,” he said, according to the Associated Press. “Right now we are encircled.”

But defiant.

“We show our character, our knowledge, our values,” he said by persevering in a battle that has denied Russia control of the Ukrainian capital city.

In recent days, anyone who can fire a gun or throw a Molotov cocktail has been urged to come forward, with many residents doing just that.

Klitschko said the will to fight is offset by an improvised defense.

“To be honest, we don’t have 100 percent control,” said Klitschko. “We built this territorial defense in a short amount of time — but these are patriotic people.”

“Right now, the most important question is to defend our country,” he added.

Klitschko offered no sunshine when asked about the realities of his city.

“We are at the border of a humanitarian catastrophe,” he said. “Right now, we have electricity, right now we have water and heating in our houses. But the infrastructure is destroyed to deliver the food and medication.”

But the former heavyweight champion said the fight is not over.

“That’s why the message for everyone is: Support Ukraine together … We are strong,” he said. “Every Ukrainian is proud to be independent, proud to be Ukrainian, and we are proud to have our own country.”

Pride and grit have slowed the Russian advance, as have Kyiv’s efforts to kill those who come in the night to destroy.

“We are hunting these people, and it will be much easier if nobody is on the street,” Klitschko said, adding that six Russian “saboteurs” were killed Saturday night.

The battering Kyiv’s buildings are taking was cited by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as proof of how Russia lies, according to CNN.

“They lied when they said they would not target civilian population. Since the first hours of the invasion, Russian troops have been hitting civilian infrastructure,” he said, adding, “This is terror.”

“They are fighting against everything and everyone,” Zelenskyy said. “They are [hitting] kindergartens, residential buildings and even emergency vehicles. They use artillery and missiles against whole residential blocks where there have never have been any military infrastructure. Many Ukrainian cities and towns are surviving in conditions we previously had only during the World War II.”

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