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“I Was Born Free, I Will Die Free” – Unvaccinated Man Willing to Die Rather than Get COVID Vaccine to be Eligible for Kidney Transplant (VIDEO)

  A 38-year-old unvaccinated Air Force veteran from North Carolina was forced to turn down over 100 kidney donors because of a hospital poli...


A 38-year-old unvaccinated Air Force veteran from North Carolina was forced to turn down over 100 kidney donors because of a hospital policy that requires him to be vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to the surgery.

Chad Carswell’s kidney is only operating at about 4% and he is seriously in need of a kidney transplant. Right now, he is looking for another hospital.

In his recent interview with ABC affiliate, Carswell told WSOC:

“No sir … I was born free. I will die free. I’m not changing my mind. I’ve had conversations with my family and everybody who is close to me and they know where I stand and there will not be a situation that occurs where I’ll change my mind on this topic.”

DailyMail reported:

Chad Carswell, 38, strongly believes that getting the vaccine should be a choice and doesn’t think it’s very effective in preventing infection.

‘I’ve had COVD twice so I’ve developed natural antibodies,’ the Air Force veteran told on Sunday when asked about his reasons for refusing the shot.

‘A lot of scientists say I’m more safe from my natural antibodies. It’s more to do with the fact that they’re trying to force you to do something,’ he said.

Carswell has had six heart attacks and is a double amputee. His kidney is operating at four percent capacity and he undergoes dialysis – a process that removes toxins from the blood, typically removed by healthy kidneys – three times a week.

About 100 people have offered to donate a kidney to him, he said, but he can’t get a transplant at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem, which requires transplant candidates to be vaccinated because they are at high risk for severe illness.

‘Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist’s policy follows the current standard of care in the United States, which is to vaccinate all patients on waiting lists or being evaluated for transplant,’ the hospital said in a statement.

Carswell was right with his claim that he is safer from his natural antibodies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that unvaccinated people who recovered from COVID-19 were better protected than those who were vaccinated and not previously infected during the recent delta surge. 

Carswell’s case is similar to a 31-year-old father from Boston who was removed from the heart transplant list because he refused to receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccine ‘which puts him at high risk for adverse reactions and even death.’

And to a 49-year-old Texas man who was forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine to remain on a lung transplant list. Sadly, he died due to heart complications developed after he took the COVID-19 vaccine.

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