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“I think [Biden’s] Energy Policy Is Completely Upside Down.” – Trump Economist Steve Moore

  Biden’s energy policy helps Putin and hurts the US. President Trump’s economist Steve Moore  shared on the Biden  economic nightmare. The ...


Biden’s energy policy helps Putin and hurts the US.

President Trump’s economist Steve Moore shared on the Biden economic nightmare.

The Biden Administration’s energy policy is “completely upside down,” which is not only an economic issue but a national security one as well, former Trump economist Steve Moore said on Sunday.

Speaking on “The Cats Roundtable” radio show on WABC 770 AM hosted by John Catsimatidis, Moore said what is so frustrating is “the fact that we have oil at near $90 a barrel now is all the more reason we should be producing more of it. We are down two million barrels a day from where we were pre-Covid.”

Moore pointed out that “every time we produce less oil, that puts more money in the pocket of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin,” adding that the United States has “300 years worth of national gas. Yet we don’t build the pipelines, but we green-light [Russia’s] pipeline. I think our energy policy is completely upside down.”

He emphasized that “we should be producing more oil, gas, and coal. We should be producing nuclear power…. We should also be selling our oil and gas to the Europeans, so that they’re not dependent on the tyrant Putin.”

Moore also stressed that “Germany and France and Spain are feeling like they’re being held hostage to Russia for their energy. But why don’t we provide them with the energy?”

We’ve already reported on how Biden’s Energy Secretary laughed when asked about bringing gas prices down. 

Biden helps Russia, keeps our allies in Europe hostage, keeps oil prices high, and gives Putin millions.  

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