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Glenn Beck to Joe Rogan: Here's why you should NOT APOLOGIZE to the mob

  Joe Rogan   apologized on Instagram   over the weekend amid the   latest controversy   involving a video compilation that   went viral   o...

 Joe Rogan apologized on Instagram over the weekend amid the latest controversy involving a video compilation that went viral of him using racial slurs. But, no matter how many times Rogan apologizes to the mob that's after him, they'll never back down. It'll just be wave after wave of controversies until Rogan's either off of Spotify and major platforms or is completely unacceptable to the masses, Glenn Beck said on the radio program Monday.

Glenn, who is no stranger to baseless cancel culture attacks, advised Rogan not to apologize to the mob, because his core audience — who actually knows him and what he stands for — is the only one that matters.

"Joe ... your audience understands you. Your audience knows you," Glenn said. "But you can't apologize to the people you offend ... because they're not sincere. You may be, but they're not," he added.

"It's not going to stop. They have you fixed in their targets and there's only one goal ... to wipe you out. And here's why. Because if they can take you out, they'll take everyone of us out. You are the biggest target. You're the apex predator. And if they can take you out, then that sends the message to Spotify and Google and Apple and everybody else. You'd better not have anybody right of Joe Rogan."

Watch the video clip below to hear more from Glenn. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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