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Arizona Speaker Bowers Tries to Bury Election Bill in Committees – In Response Election Integrity Leader Liz Harris Decides to Run for House

  The corrupt Speaker of the Arizona House, Rusty Bowers, who did everything he could to cede the 2020 Election in Arizona to Joe Biden base...


The corrupt Speaker of the Arizona House, Rusty Bowers, who did everything he could to cede the 2020 Election in Arizona to Joe Biden based on fraudulent results, is at it again.  He’s now trying to bury an election bill in committees so it never comes to a vote.  Liz Harris has had enough. 

In Arizona, Representative John Fillmore has put forward a bill, HR2596, to address concerns emanating from the corrupt results in the 2020 Election in Arizona.   Nearly 700,000 ballots in Maricopa County alone were in question or confirmed fraudulent after an audit and canvassing work was performed in 2021.  The state’s results should never have been certified.

Representative Fillmore is behind a bill that will address many of the causes behind the hundreds of thousands of ballot issues in the state.  However, local Arizona media outlets are using far-left election ‘talking heads’ to criticize the bill.

Rep. John Fillmore’s House Bill 2596 would eliminate no-excuse early voting, which is used by the overwhelming majority of Arizona voters, and would require that all ballots not only be counted by hand, but that those tallies be completed within 24 hours of the polls closing on Election Day, among other changes.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, is that the legislature would be empowered to accept or reject election results in legislative, congressional and statewide races. Under the proposed law, the legislature would be required to call itself into session after an election to “review the ballot tabulating process.” Once that review is completed, lawmakers would decide whether to accept or reject the results. If the legislature rejects the results, any qualified voter can go to court to ask a judge to order a new election.

Election experts found that provision to be highly problematic.

“It’s terrifying,” said Jennifer Morrell, a former deputy of elections in Arapahoe County, Colo., who is now a partner at The Elections Group, a consulting outfit.

Morrell is a far-left actor who was identified in multiple swing states before and after the election.

Fillmore’s election bill has many excellent changes for the state of Arizona, but the Republican Speaker of the House who did all he could to prevent the 2020 Election results given to Joe Biden to be overturned, is now blocking the new legislation.  This is why so many Arizona Republicans wanted Speaker Bowers gone after the 2020 Election.  A recall effort fell short only because Soros-backed Secretary of State Kate Hobbs prevented it from happening.

After the latest action by Speaker Bowers burying the election bill, Liz Harris a patriot instrumental in the canvassing work in Arizona that identified tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots in the 2020 Election, has decided to do something about it.  She decided yesterday after hearing of Speaker Bowers’ latest moves to run for a representative seat in the Arizona legislature.

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