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Australian northern territory chief minister states he is not harming aboriginal people, he is protecting them with forced vaccinations

  “ If you had only made me a better sandwich, I would not have been forced to slam you into the kitchen cabinets .” Unfortunately, that phr...

 If you had only made me a better sandwich, I would not have been forced to slam you into the kitchen cabinets.” Unfortunately, that phrase -or a similar version thereof- has been heard by a number of people reading this update on the happenings in Australia.  If you understand the mindset, the sentiment expressed needs no explanation. 

The Chief Minister for the Northern Territory of Australia is a fast-talking little man of notoriously intemperate disposition named Michael Gunner.

After several reports surfaced both nationally and internationally, sharing first-hand accounts of the Aboriginal people in [the] region, Minister Gunner announces publicly that he is not harming the native aboriginal tribes with his mandatory vaccination program.  Gunner has activated the Australian Defense Forces, aka the Australian military, to round up the tribes in an effort to save them from the virus.  WATCH:

There are no stable-minded leaders anywhere in the world who talk like this in public. None.  “The more he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted the spoons.”

If the culture you are attempting to preserve has been around for at least 10,000 years, far longer than your presence in their company, you might consider their natural tribal longevity in the policy you inflict.  Of course, in the modern era of COVID madness, the mini fascists have lost all connection to common sense.

Viewers may want to watch the next video below to see the issue is in the region.  This message is not from the “basement of a house in Florida”, and pro-tip to Mr. Gunner, Florida houses do not have basements.

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