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Book: Chinese Tycoon Gave Hunter Biden King's Ransom for Family Access, Expertise on Dodging Laws

  A new book claims that Hunter Biden was offered a multi-million-deal to help a Chinese energy company cut red tape and make important conn...

 A new book claims that Hunter Biden was offered a multi-million-deal to help a Chinese energy company cut red tape and make important connections — and part of his cut of the deal was a diamond valued at $80,000.

Excerpts from the book “Laptop From Hell” were printed in the New York Post. The book is written by Post reporter Miranda Devine.

The outlet was the first media source to report on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop computer.

The excerpts claim that Hunter Biden, with help from a supporting cast of Biden family characters, helped the Chinese firm CEFC do business around the world.

According to the excerpt, CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming was in Washington in December 2015, at which time President Joe Biden was the vice president in the Obama administration.

“A meeting with Ye was scheduled in Hunter’s diary for December 7, 2015, in a week that was a swirl of back-to-back Christmas parties hosted by Joe and Jill at the vice president’s residence at the Naval Observatory,” the report said.

“One of his former associates, who spoke on condition of anonymity, believes that Hunter brought Chairman Ye to meet Joe at one of those parties. There is no indication of any such meeting on the laptop, but Hunter had a pattern of introducing business associates to Joe when they came to DC,” the excerpt said, claiming that Jim Biden, President Biden’s brother, was also part of the deal.

The report said that James Gilliar, a former SAS officer, wrote to Tony Bobulinski, a former Navy officer who was an investor, about the plans to make everyone rich.

A December 2015 communication from Gilliar said he needed help developing a Chinese joint venture for “one of the most prominent families in the United States.”

The plan is to “build an investment firm like Goldman Sachs,” he wrote, according to the book, citing what it said was a transcript of WhatsApp message.

“The family is the Biden family,” Gilliar later wrote.

The book says Gilliar wrote that Joe Biden would be actively involved after leaving office.

The book says that Rob Walker, a Hunter Biden associate, told Bobulinski he was “a proxy for Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and the Bidens around the world.”

The book details what it says was an exchange between Gilliar and Bobulinski concerning Hunter Biden.

“Money there, intent there … skill sets missing … We need to create the best deal platform in history, and they haven’t got a clue,” Gilliar wrote.

Bobulinski was not pleased that Hunter Biden “was kicked out of US Navy for cocaine use.”

“But he’s super smart,” Gilliar wrote, according to the book. “Just a lot of under achievers around them using their name. Has a few demons but u are used to those, right?”

Gilliar later told Bobulinski that the Chinese involved in CEFC are “intelligence so they understand the value added” with the Biden name.

The report said that as part of the deal, Hunter Biden was offered $10 million a year over three years, as well as the three-carat diamond — a picture of which was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop computer.

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