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Biden, Mask-Scold-in-Chief, Makes Another Facial Covering Faux Pas During Nantucket Shopping Trip

  President Joe Biden has no problem wearing face masks even when they’re not needed — particularly at outdoor events. When they’re required...

 President Joe Biden has no problem wearing face masks even when they’re not needed — particularly at outdoor events. When they’re required, however, it seems he has the opposite problem.

During a Saturday night visit to a shop on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, where he spent the Thanksgiving holiday, Biden could be seen walking around the store without a mask on.

The problem? Very clearly displayed on the door of the shop was a sign: “Required face covering.”

According to Fox News, Nantucket reinstituted a mask mandate earlier this month — meaning having a face covering wasn’t just a request of the shop owners but required by law.

He exited the store drinking a milkshake, however, which could provide one explanation for why he wasn’t wearing his mask. He then ignored a question on the Omicron COVID variant from reporters before entering another store.

This wouldn’t be so much of an issue if our mask-scold-in-chief’s mask etiquette wasn’t so spotty and haphazard.

Remember, this was the president who came into office asking us to mask up for 100 days: “Just 100 days to mask, not forever. One hundred days. And I think we’ll see a significant reduction,” he said in December. When states like Mississippi and Texas removed their mask mandates, Biden called this “Neanderthal thinking.”

However, when it comes to standard operating procedure for masks, Biden has gotten himself terribly mixed up these days.

Consider his time in Nantucket. Here’s a picture of him circulating on Twitter walking around town — wearing a mask:

It’s worth noting that this appeared to be on Friday, judging by the president’s garb. Here he was making some daft statements about the effect the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was having on the stock market in the same get-up, sans mask:

But then, this is hardly new. Earlier this month, during a visit to a General Motors plant in Michigan, Biden was shaking hands maskless but put his mask on to take a selfie, because … well, you can draw your own conclusions.

And at times, he’s ended up searching for a mask when he’s outdoors — including when he signed the infrastructure bill on Nov. 15 at the White House.

Realizing he’d misplaced the facial covering, Biden could be heard saying, “Oh, my mask.” He then went and searched at the podium, all to no avail.

So outdoors, he goes out of his way to look for a mask, but indoors, he has it off because he had a milkshake in his hand? It’s confusing stuff, and the simplest explanation is that this is virtue-signaling and behavior-modeling by a mask-scold who’s well past the point where he has begun to experience diminishing cognitive returns.

With the Omicron variant, we can brace ourselves for another round of the lectures. Don’t forget the empty suit those lectures are coming from can’t remember when to keep his facial covering on and when to take it off, however.

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