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Is China Preparing for War? Top Selling Movie in China, Commissioned by the CCP, Depicts the US As Its Enemy

  Is this a war cry or only a propaganda film to paint the US as its enemy? The  American Military News  reports: A new record-setting $200 ...


Is this a war cry or only a propaganda film to paint the US as its enemy?

The American Military News reports:

A new record-setting $200 million Chinese war movie commissioned by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) depicts the Korean War Battle of Chosin Reservoir as a key victory for the Chinese forces that fought against the U.S. and United Nations, despite suffering major losses.

The nearly three-hour-long movie, “The Battle at Lake Changjin” — the Chinese name for the Battle of Chosin Reservoir — released September 30 tells the story of the battle from the Chinese perspective. While the U.S. views the battle as a successful fight to break through an encirclement by a larger Chinese force that suffered heavier casualties, CNN reported China sees the battle as its most critical victory during the war and refers to it as the “War to Resist American Aggression and Aid Korea.”

CNN also reported the new movie is the “most expensive film” made in China to date, with a budget of 1.3 billion yuan (about $200 million).

The movie trailer is as follows:

This movie comes as China’s economy is falling apart and immediately following China dropping COVID which impacted the entire world causing millions of deaths and trillions in losses.

China also has taken over Hong Kong and is harassing Taiwan almost daily, threatening an invasion and take over of the island state.

Is China preparing for war?

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