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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: AG Garland’s Wife Worked at Heavily Classified Defense Contractor ‘E-Systems’ Then Focused on Elections Before the 2020 Election

  Attorney General Merrick Garland’s wife is heavily connected to those running the 2020 Election and attempting to prevent audits of the 20...


Attorney General Merrick Garland’s wife is heavily connected to those running the 2020 Election and attempting to prevent audits of the 2020 Election.  Her prior work with defense contractor E-Systems is even more suspicious.

Crooked US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has a son-in-law who’s pushing racist CRT around the country and likely making millions doing so.  This is the same stuff that parents are fed up with and don’t want to be taught to their children.

Then we uncovered on Friday the fact that Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland’s wife is heavily connected with all the far-left players involved in the 2020 Election and those who attempted to stop any audits of that election.

In addition to these obvious conflicts of interest by the corrupt AG, we’ve uncovered more on the potential conflict involving his wife Lynn Garland.

According to the New York Times:

Mrs. Garland, who graduated from the Brearley School and cum laude from Harvard University, received a Master of Science degree in operations management from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a staff assistant to the vice president in charge of operations for the Melpar division of E-Systems Inc., a defense electronics contractor in Falls Church, Va.

We now wonder what type of work Ms. Garland was involved with at E-Systems.   E-Systems is a defense contractor with operations that are highly classified.  60-Minutes attempted to find out more about the company E-Systems.  Steve Kroft investigated the Fortune 500 company that operates in almost total secrecy, spying on everyone from dictators to drug lords to terrorists with cutting-edge optical and listening devices in February 1995.

The Washington Post wrote about E-Systems in 1994.

If Big Brother ever took control of the United States, E-Systems Inc. would surely be its prime contractor. Consider:

* E-Systems designs spy satellite gear that can snap photographs of automobile license plates from space and capture electronic communications, from phone calls to rocket telemetry.

* E-Systems software can analyze those spy satellite photos to see if anything has changed — a Russian tank moved or an Iraqi missile site built — since the last shots were taken.

* E-Systems can build “electronic fences” to police borders. It helped build one such network of sensors to monitor drug traffickers along the U.S. border with Mexico, and the company says it hopes to build a more sophisticated one for Saudi Arabia.

* And E-Systems hardware can help federal drug enforcement agencies track cocaine planes and tap drug dealers’ telephones.

In short, E-Systems’ technologies, part of the central nervous system for the nation’s intelligence community, are regarded as brilliant by intelligence agencies and Wall Street.

But the firm’s closets also contain some classified skeletons. Critics say in some ways the company is almost indistinguishable from the CIA because it operates so secretly, lacks accountability and is loaded with retirees from the CIA and other intelligence agencies. E-Systems’ critics say it has lied in legal proceedings to protect its interests.

Now we have to ask what the US Attorney General’s wife was doing with E-Systems and what impact this has had on the Attorney General as well.  AG Garland may have more conflicts of interest than we can count. 

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