Michigan Cop Who Said He’d Kill Himself If He Had Been Born Black Fired Over Racist Comments

An unidentified Warren, Mich., police officer was under investigation after being accused of posting racist comments on Facebook. Were his alleged comments racist? Well, he reportedly declared: “Glad I wasn’t born [Black]. I would kill myself.” So yeah, I’d say this cop’s comments indicate a likelihood that his employment as a police officer was a fresh Black Lives Matter hashtag waiting to happen. I say “was” because, fortunately, the officer has been identified and was fired Tuesday.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the officer in question has been identified as Anwar Klan—I’m sorry—Anwar Khan. (Seriously, honest mistake. *chuckles*) The Warren Police Department announced his firing along with a statement regarding his suicide-over-Blackness comments along with other racist remarks he made on Facebook, which were exposed by a Black woman who read them in the comment thread.

“This behavior is simply wrong and strains police-community relationships and tarnishes the men and women of the Warren Police Department who dutifully go to work every day and serve all citizens with pride and professionalism, regardless of race,” the WPD statement read.

Side note: I always have to laugh when police officials release these statements that always include obligatory condemnation of the behavior of racist cops who, according to the statements, are always displaying behavior that is uncommon for police officers in general. How many times are they going to run with the “few bad apples” narrative before they’re ready to admit that any apple in the bunch can eventually spoil if it’s left out there long enough?

From the Detroit Free Press:

Tuesday, Warren Police Commissioner William Dwyer said the officer’s actions were thoroughly investigated and “there was no rush to judgment,” but the department also took action as soon as it was alerted to the problem and acted decisively.

Internal Affairs, he said, found policy violations, and the officer’s termination “demonstrates how seriously the City of Warren Police Department views statement or acts of racism by any of its members,” adding the department and city “do not condone racism in any manner.”

Anyway, it turns out that Khan was arrested last year after he was accused of assaulting a man and a woman in Washington Township while off duty. He was charged with felony assault with a dangerous weapon, two counts of misdemeanor domestic violence and one misdemeanor count of refusing to provide a DNA sample.

According to the Detroit Free Press, he was acquitted of all charges and he returned to duty after having been placed on unpaid leave.

Imagine keeping your job after catching a felony assault charge, only to catch a pink slip for going full Mark Fuhrman on social media.

Some cops just don’t want to keep their jobs, and the streets are better and safer for it.

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